pale pink peony bloom

Project 52 2023 week 24

It’s week 24 of the year, and finally after what seems like forever, we have rain. We really needed it; a break from the heatwave of the weekend, and the fields need it too.

Here’s our week for Project 52.

Sunday was a hot one, mostly spent outside at the football club junior tournament. We had enough to put out 2 teams. Unfortunately N’s team had a hard (and unlucky) time of it. The other team got to the final. So that’s the end of the football season done. I’m not good in the heat, so I had a hat on, and tried to stand in the shade where possible. I helped out on the cake stall for a stint too, and caught up with a few people.

Afterwards it was time to sit in the cool back home. It was lovely to have the thunderstorm arrived, although it might be fairly limited in the rain we get.

On Monday it was hot again but we did get more thunder, lightning and rain. It was such a busy work day with meetings, so I didn’t get much done even though I worked late. All the planning has started with the new football coach. We’re using an app for availability and team comms which looks like it’ll be a great idea. I had a call from the Year 7 head saying he’d be having a chat on Tuesday about Friday’s bus goings on. Hopefully that’ll be it sorted.

Tuesday was just another normal day. Yes the boys had to see head of year, he talked about not being a bystander, and that seems to be it thankfully. The new season’s football team is all being organised by app which seems really good. So handy for knowing team members, the other parents and what’s coming up.

On Wednesday it was braces day. We ended up being 5 minutes late as school didn’t get the message I was there to the teacher before N changed class. But all fitted, now he’s got to get past the drooling and struggling to speak so he can wear them all day and night. Work was busy as is the norm at the moment.

Thursday the braces aren’t happening. We’re not sure if it’s the tongue tie that isn’t helping, but his tongue hurts even after removing the twin blocks. I can’t get hold of the gel that everyone recommends, so not sure what I can do to make him wear them. Call to check in with the dentist on potential implications of tongue tie and getting it checked. As things stand he won’t wear them, even trying to build them up. At least the saliva was already under control. I was expecting that to be worse.

On Friday, it was good to be at the end of the week. I got confused as instead of my usual 8-9am Tesco delivery, I’d booked a 2-3 slot as my usual one was booked. Not the best time, but at least it was early in the slot. Tennis was lively, although in the first half not a lot of tennis was actually played. 

Saturday was a busy morning. I had an early hair appointment, then back home to pick up N to go to Warwick for new tennis shoes. He’s now in the same size as me for trainers (although kids 6-6.5 rather than mens size 6). Not as bad an expense as it could have been. Then to the supermarket to pick up some bits I’d somehow forgotten in my shop (despite me having had them on my list!). We’re hoping the weather stays warm and dry as the plan is going to the outdoor bar with friends. At least I hope they’ll be turning up otherwise we’ll be sitting on our own.

pale pink peony bloom

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  1. It’s raining so much here today! I’m glad for the grass haha. I always forget things at the supermarket – it’s annoying! That’s what I get for tying to shop with a two-year-old!

    Corinne x

  2. We had rain last night for the first time in ages and it felt amazing, it’s a little cooler today too which is nice.
    I’m glad N wasn’t in any trouble at school and the app sounds like a great idea to organise the football team.
    Oh no! That is a shame that the braces aren’t happening. When my girl had braces she was given the gel and the wax stuff to stop the metal bits rubbing from the dentist. I hope you get something sorted. x

    1. Can’t get hold of the gel anywhere. Out of stock all over the place. Not sure how the wax would work as there’s nothing rough on his plastic bits

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