chocolate chip cookies

Project 52 2023 week 31

A week off work and of course the weather was terrible pretty much all week. I didn’t really do much at all, although did sort out some life admin. Here’s this week’s Project 52 round up.

After a sunny day and chance to get some wheat harvested on Saturday evening, Sunday was a bit of a wash out. They did manage to do some in the morning and get stuff baled and carted, but the afternoon was a soggy one. I had another Sunday headache. I really need to make sure I’m drinking enough water when I’m out and about on Saturdays.  Having a nap in the afternoon with with some Forehead on helped it a bit.

Monday was a busy one and first day of leave for this summer. I had a bit of a lie in, then it was on the phone to book in my car for MOT/Service, move Tuesdays repair booking to next week as they hadn’t been able to get the parts. I also needed to check N’s orthodontist appointment as 2 calendars had different dates, and book my INR appointment. Then into town to get some bits and bobs we needed. I seem to permanently be in different supermarkets at the moment. N wasn’t impressed his tennis lesson was on – one back from a cancelled one.

On Tuesday it was another productive day in that I applied for a passport for N, and renewed my own. Hopefully my old one will turn up with them safely. Just need to get N’s picture confirmed. That always seems like the most complicated part. I forget that I actually know lots of teachers and accountants locally, but not all have UK passports. I had some bad news from my friend about a family member, so fingers crossed and prayers are with them at the moment.  Otherwise, the rest of the day N was out on the farm, so I read, puzzled and just had relaxed. I should really have made the effort to go out for the day given today was probably the best weatherwise.

Wednesday N was at tennis camp. Thankfully the weather wasn’t as bad as the forecast, although it rained heavily straight after I’d dropped him off, with later showers. I’d planned to head into town, but wasn’t sure whether I’d get a call to pick up and cancellation of camp. So I made another effort to go through all my banks to get email addresses changed. Plus I made cookies and had the slow cooker going.

On Thursday it was another lazy day. N was off on the farm all day. I’ve been watching bits of the netball world cup, and yay England beat Australia by 1 goal to win their group. Whoop. 

Friday it was school shoe shopping day. A lot earlier than normal. Our usual place has adapted to no appointments and shorter hours due to the owner being on chemo treatment. So only one person fitting at a time. It made for a long wait as we had 6 children ahead of us, but thankfully most, only needed to try 1 pair on, so the fitter was whizzing through. We were done in one pair surprisingly. 

N had been asking to try the local indian restaurant for a while, so we treated ourselves to a takeaway (minus the OH who had pizza). My shaslik was nice but the spiciest I’ve ever had. N’s butter chicken was nice, but he wants to try a bit more spice next time. I’d quite often go for a tikka masala, but not if the evidently non spicy shaslik was anything to go by.

On Saturday the weather was terrible. I did a quick trip to town for some food. I’d cancelled my food shop for this week as didn’t need enough to hit the minimum delivery. Otherwise I hunkered down under blankets. I watched the England Roses beat the Silver Ferns in the Netball World Cup semi finals. The first time they’ve made the World Cup finals.

chocolate chip cookies

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  1. I hope they managed tog et the rest of the harvest in. Oh no to your lost passport, I bet it turns up somewhere unexpected. Good job with getting the new school shoes

  2. Yum, those cookies look amazing! Sounds like you have had a busy productive week. I need to get shoes sorted for my youngest, although they are allowed to wear black trainers in his school so it isn’t too tricky, its just timing shopping around his work. Hunkering down under blankets sounds like a good way to pass the time.

  3. The weather has been rotten. This week has felt like a whole wash out. It sounds like you got a lot done this week with all the admin and little things sorted.
    Ahh! I am not going to miss going school shoe shopping. My youngest gets a pair of safety boots at college.
    Those cookies look so good!! x

    1. I’m a bit hooked on the cookies. Might have to try some different flavours. I was definitely pleased to get all the admin stuff done finally.

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