runaway train ride

Project 52 2019 week 19 – runaway train

Another week has passed, and another short bank holiday week. It’s been a really busy week, mostly with N’s things. Proof of how much logistics plays for parents (or in our case, mums). Here’s our week 19.

Sunday was a lovely day. We went for a review trip to Warwick Castle to see the Falconer’s Quest, the new birds of prey display. We took friends with us, and it’s always nice to go out with friends to places.

Monday was bank holiday and N wanted to go out and play crazy golf. We ended up playing 2 different rounds at St Nicholas Park, then N enjoyed the fun park. Afterwards I wanted to head up to a camping store, but we couldn’t find it despite the sat nav taking us to the postcode and then a second attempt via street address. Very confusing, although looking on google maps afterwards, it looked like we were in a totally different area. Strange and a little frustrating. I wish places that can’t be reached via sat nav put more explanation or directions on their websites. This is the second camping store we’ve not been able to find in the last month.

Tuesday was back to school and work, with Wednesday and Thursday more of the same.

Friday was manic. I worked from home in the afternoon because N was playing in a school’s tennis team for year 3 and 4s at a club he goes to for matchplay tournaments. I moved my work time around a bit so I could finish 15 minutes earlier to get over there and watch some of it.

N’s class might only have 31 kids in it for the 2 year groups, but they have 3 girls who have or had lessons at the place N goes to, and 7 boys who have tennis lessons with 6 of those team players. Pretty good odds, although it was a shame not all boys got the chance to play as the teams were 4 girls and 4 boys. Five schools took part, all of them at least double the number of child compared with our school, and N’s team were unbeaten in each round. Most of the team won 3-4 of their 4 matches. They were so chuffed to win the tournament as they said they thought they’d only come 2nd or 3rd. Very proud and they’ll get awarded their certificates properly in assembly.

He then had normal tennis lessons a few hours later and they were all congratulated again by their coaches. Back to playing outside this term, this time on the astroturf. Although there was a bit of rain on Friday. Hopefully not too much will be rained off.

Saturday was swimming in the morning, and in the afternoon was N’s team’s first home match at the club. Our club and coaching is a little strange because they don’t train at the club. But they’ve been really helpful, and even had one of the team turn up to support for a bit and meet us which was nice. Despite there being pouring rain for both the team driving to us and at home for one of our players 5 minutes up the road, it turned out to be beautiful hot sunny weather. Perfect for tennis (although I’m now feeling a bit sunburnt after being out for 3 hours in it with no shade or sunglasses). There were some really close matches, but our kids are good at digging out those match points in the end. They did a great job winning 13-3. As team captain I have the fun of inputting all the results online.

runaway train ride

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  1. Interesting week you had. I’m curious to see this Falconer’s Quest at Warwick Castle when i come to UK some day. Congrats to N for winning the tournaments

  2. We visited Warwick Castle before they had the Falconers Quest but I would love to go back and see it. Great that you got good weather for the tennis, I hope you didn’t get too burnt. Fingers crossed it improves for this week too!

  3. Went to Warwick a few years back…need to visit again as loved the place!

    Sat navs sometimes have a mind of their own!

  4. Well done to N with his tennis. I’ve not been to Warwick for many years. I hate using the sat nav and always choose google maps on my phone these days and ask them to drop me a pin on whatsapp

  5. We’ve not been to the park in Warwick in years, must revisit at some point. Good to know that they’ve changed the bird of prey display at the castle, I always think they need to do that with the jousting at Blenheim as it’s always exactly the same show each time #365

  6. gosh that is a lot of tennis. but well done to him and his teams for doing so well.
    Sat Nav drives me nuts as well when it does not get you where you want to be. all very frustrating.

  7. It sounds like a good week for you guys. I don’t like using Sat Nav, it drives me nuts. Well done to N’s team on the tennis xx #365

  8. It sounds like a good week!
    How frustrating about the Sat Nav! I know when people put my postcode in they get directed to the next street over. Very confusing for people delivering thing.
    Well done to N’s team with the tennis! x

  9. Sounds like a week full of sports and fun activities. Well done to your son’s team for winning the tournament. And the winning score of 13-3 is very impressive. It was pretty hot and sunny yesterday, so easy to get sun-burnt.

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