playing mini tennis

Project 52 2019 week 26 – heatwave

Week 26 sees us at half way through the year. It’s been a quieter week at work, although school is ramping up.

On Sunday N played in his first official mini orange matchplay tournament. He and his friend were up against children who’ve been playing orange over the last year, so they did really well. It’s noticeable how much better they play against strong competition and in the larger orange court. They have so much more space to move around and can reach for the ball rather than being cramped when hitting the ball on a red court. It was really hot and muggy, and the kids all did really well playing in it.

On Monday it was the start of sports week at school. They all go in wearing sports gear, and there’s lots of sports based activities and lessons.

Tuesday I spent trying to get N’s tennis rating sorted out. Unfortunately the Sunday matches went on straight away, before the Saturday ones which meant another 2 days to wait for his rating to change online, and the orange matches were then in the wrong order to count against his rating. Eventually the rating did move up to Orange 4, but we were still missing the orange matches. The LTA customer service lady was very good and explained she’d probably have to manually update it.

Wednesday, N’s rating was changed to Orange 3 after they counted the 6 matches he’d played on Sunday. But while they manually changed the rating, they didn’t pushed through the matches so I think his dashboard is now permanently going to be 6 matches behind. Sigh. They also had their whole school photo. It was a new guy so they didn’t have their usual frame to stand on. N had to explain all the ins and outs of who was standing where.

On Thursday I had a relaxed evening as the OH and N went off to get their hair cut. They go a ridiculously long way, and yet again I was only told the day on the Wednesday which meant I’d already paid for after school club.

Friday was a busy day. I picked N up from school, then got him fed before tennis, and got my hair and make up done for our night out. Tennis was a bit on the hot side but it was nice to chat to the other mums. A quick drive back home, changed, and N headed over to the farm where he was staying while we were out. We had a lovely pub meal out for a friend’s birthday. I was grateful there was a delicious chicken burger on the specials board otherwise I was struggling for a main meal choice. Too much fish and steak on the menu and not much else.

Saturday was blisteringly hot – over 30C – I’m glad it’s not going to stay such heatwave weather. Way too hot for me. We did food shopping before swimming so we avoided the worst of the heat.

N’s swimming teacher had them in flippers swim fins which he loves. Lots of butterfly legs and arm practice today. His swimming friend he’s been in classes with since Water Babies is struggling in this group. She moved up to level 5 from the other teacher’s level 4 group, and just doesn’t have the basic skills for butterfly and breast stroke that N’s teacher drummed into her pupils before she’ll move them up. It’s a shame because his friend was at the same level of swimming before level 4 when she changed teacher. Must be so frustrating to have missed the technical teaching. Not sure what’ll happen and whether she’ll have to go down before coming back up again.

She’s not the only one who’s had similar problems – there’s 2 kids in other stages who’ve moved to N’s teacher on moving up a stage, and they’ve struggled too. It’s strange that they’ve one teacher who’s all about technique and the other who’s about just getting them swimming. I’m glad N was always in the class with the technical teacher, however hard it makes it to move up.

I spent the rest of Saturday hiding in the house with the curtains closed. I still had a heat headache, and didn’t feel hungry, but I’m holding on to tomorrow being cooler.

playing mini tennis

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  1. Well done N on the tennis sounds. That’s awesome. It has been a little warm, not too bad. Lovely photos this week xx

  2. Well done N on the tennis sounds like hes doing very well. I am with you I am not good in the heat and anything over 30 is far too hot for me. Glad you had a nice meal out and I really like the photo you have chosen this week. He looks like he’s in great concentration!

  3. In this heat I just drink and drink and struggle to find things to eat apart from a sandwich/roll, salads were always my go to before the allergies kicked off. I agree way to hot, luckily the ward I work in has air con, the only one that does in the hospital so was some reprieve from the heat.
    Lots of tennis going on, glad he is getting a challenge out of the orange ( whatever orange is)

  4. Swimming teachers can make such a difference. I think sometimes my H is too comfortable with his teacher who has been teaching him almost continuously since he was 2. I think he could move on faster, but he’s enjoying his swimming so that is the main thing.

  5. Thats a lot of tennis, glad N enjoys it so much. the weather on saturday was amazing and has helped me acclimatise back to Dubai summer

  6. It seems to have all been about sport this past week for you. It has been a little cooler here today, more of a breeze but still warm.
    Well done N for playing so well!

  7. An amazingly busy sporty week! Big well done to N for playing at the next level in tennis. And so frustrating they didn’t update the stats accordingly. That might easily put one off from doing more.
    It was awful yesterday, with the heat, but it looks like today is much milder, which is a relief. I think we might go to Oxford.

  8. Well done to N for playing so well at the next level in tennis. That sounds very frustrating getting his information updated online. Every time my son gets a new long jump PB we get excited to see it online and to see where he is in the national and regional rankings.
    I like the heat, but it was definitely too hot yesterday!

    1. Our online results for Warwickshire where we play are sporadic. The summer season has everything – player stats etc, but the winter season just has overall matches. Very annoying for me (I’m a bit of a numbers freak). For some reason only the summer tournaments get put on their player profiles. So it looks like he’s only played 1 tournament, but actually has played in 3 seasons, plus several matchplays, which as well don’t get added. But in Oxfordshire where we live, they add everything.

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