close ups of lavender

Project 52 2018 week 27 lavender

We’re flying past the half year and into week 27 of this year’s Project 52.

I started the week with a flexi morning off, and a plan to visit Cotswold Lavender. I did a quick walk round Moreton on the Marsh before, then afterwards stopped fleetingly in Broadway before heading into work.  If you’ve never been to lavender fields before I’d definitely recommend it.

The rest of the week was work for me. N had a great school week which included parents evening and some brilliant progress this year, plus some (surprisingly) very strong SATs results. It turns out he can do really well with some confidence, a some focused learning opportunities in areas he struggled with.

The week has ended with N’s swimming lesson where he had the same teacher he has for school swimming and she queried something to the swimming manager to used to teach him for school. I think it was asking why he wasn’t in the next group up in school. So hopefully he’ll finally get moved up – he’s been moaning since he started school swimming that it’s too easy.

Now we’re setting down to watch England v Sweden’s world cup match. N’s got bored after 5 minutes and is now out in the garden leaving us in peace to watch the match.

close ups of lavender
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  1. I would like to visit the lavender fields – I grow quite a lot at home and I do think it’s a beautiful plant to grow on a big scale.

  2. We went to a Lavender field for the first time last year….might try to go again this year! Loved the colour but the Bee’s put off the girls a bit

  3. I’m obsessed with lavender at the moment, although I’ve never visited a field of it. It always seems a bit bee-tastic – and I’m not very good with buzzing things. I really want a pot of it for the balcony but my dad says it doesn’t grow very well. It sounds like you had a fab time. Love your photo.

    1. Ah, there weren’t that many bees around and you could go down quite wide ‘lanes’ or round the edges. I think it can take a couple of years to get going, but hey, I’m terrible at gardening.

  4. I wanted to visit the lavender fields but without a car it’s impossible to get anywhere and back within the local bus times/routes. Hopefully N’s swimming will be sorted soon and he’ll enjoy it more. I’ve been watching all the football, but not in peace, I’ve been going to the pub for each game

    1. I’ve not been to the pub to watch a match since I was at uni. Would love to take N to the village pub to watch it – he might be more entertained to see his friends there as well. But the OH won’t set foot in that pub.

  5. I can’t get enough of Lavender at the moment! Our bedroom is on the ground floor & there’s a huge lavender plant just outside my bedroom window – BLISS! #MySundayPhoto

  6. Well done N with the SATs. We’re expecting the results for my youngest this week….
    The lavender fields look amazing. So beautiful x

  7. glad he did well in his SAT’s the quiet ones often surprise you.
    Dont blame him for not watching the football, the game is boring and would save the hassle if they gave them a ball each….lol. Nice to see the young players doing well though and they are gaining a lot of experience from the whole tournament.

  8. What a beautiful photo of the lavender. I’ve never been to a lavender field or the flower confetti one everyone goes to because my family would think I was mad if I suggested going there! I’d never considered going on my own.
    It sounds like a very successful week for N.

    1. Selfie sticks are the best invention ever for things like this. Although tbh, you could put out a call on social media and I’d imagine you’d probably be able to find 10 other bloggers going to flower fields at the same time to share photo taking and have a meet up! I should have arranged to meet you there

  9. Lavender fields look amazing, I’ve never visited the Cotswolds Lavender site.
    Big well done to N for brilliant school results. I don’t watch football, my guys started, then decided to go to the playground instead, while I watched some Russian film on Netflix.

    1. Sometimes, there’s just too much football isn’t there, if you’re not that keen. I get bored the rest of the season, but I love the big tournaments.

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