tree sillhouette with morning sun shining through and onto icy puddles

Project 52 2021 week 3 – icy puddles

We’re three weeks into the year and we’ve settled into remote learning online and more working from home. Winter weather is here too with Storm Christoph’s winds and rain this week. Covid cases have reduced dramatically in our local area, although the wider area we’re part of is still higher than average. My in laws have now had their vaccines. President Trump is out and President Biden is in. Let’s see what impact he has going forward in improving the internal conflicts in the US.

Onto our week 3 for Project 52.

Sunday was my brother’s birthday, so a Happy Birthday message had to suffice seeing as we couldn’t go and visit. I had to make a quick trip to the farm shop and stocked up on meat for the freezer. It was nice to be driving out and I took a longer detour back to give the car more of a run out.

I realised my one of my good leather boots I bought back in April, has s strap end fallen off. I’m not impressed as I’ve hardly worn them other than driving 5 mins to the village shop every few weeks). M&S said take them back to store when they open for non essential things again, but that could be months, and I want to have boots to wear rather than having to wear my trainers. Typically, they’re now in the sale for less than half the price I paid, and have none in my size in either colour. I can’t find similar replacements in any of my usual stores, so will have to keep looking elsewhere. I’m going to gorilla glue it back in place and hope the elasticated bit still works.

Monday was back to work and remote learning. Not much else happened, just a lot of meetings for me, so it was a bit frantic.

On Tuesday it was more of the same. My amaryllis is growing at a rapid rate of knots. I never realised they were so tall. Finally, a plant I haven’t killed (yet. Let’s wait til the flower comes out). N lost yet another tooth. This is now tooth 3 that’s come out since the one he had wobbly since the summer, with the new tooth that’s grown above it. I used the leftover Christmas turkey in the freezer, for a ‘chicken’ pot pie with garlic bread topping. Delicious.

Wednesday, they moved some sheep into the field behind us. It’s always nice to see animals out there again. I also had to do the prep for N’s birthday. I wrapped his really random presents he’d asked for: (affiliate links) laptop to tv cable, journal, working hands hand cream, an LED smart colour changing light and a board game that we’d seen). And baked his cake. He’d not specified, but his favourite is victoria sponge, so I made one of those but with buttercream and jam. It’s a shame having a January birthday means he misses out having strawberries and cream inside instead.

Thursday and N turned 10. He said school work was a really fun day – even their english work has been ‘cool’. Last Friday’s homework was comprehension based on a poem of a girl who’d disappeared from the sibling’s point of view (running away rather than being kidnapped as N first thought). So this week’s English has been based on writing police reports of interviews they might have had with family members and neighbours, with art being drawing police photos of the crime scenes. N ended his with a stolen car, and sending the Police Interceptors out. We spent the evening installing his light bulb and the LED strip lights he’d got from his aunt, in his room. There’s nothing like a home disco evening.

On Friday N decided he was going to set up his remote learning linked to the tv in the back room, and using my old fold up craft table. It means we’re a bit more separated when we’re both on calls/Teams, and he said he finds it easier on the big screen. (I can also see what’s going on whereas usually he sits opposite me and he just tells me). We got his new game Tension out in the evening, which was a lot of fun..

Saturday we woke to a bit of snow. It didn’t last long on the drive, or the garden, although it was still on the hills and fields. It was a pretty gorgeous picture when I woke up seeing the sun shining on the icy puddles. So I had to get some photos. It was beautiful blue sky most of the day until we had a brief hailstorm in the afternoon, and some sleet. We’re expecting there’ll be quite a lot of snow overnight. The day was mostly spent doing chores, jigsaw puzzling, trying to catch up on my reading, and being introduced to Pup Academy which N has discovered and was binge watching (9 episodes in already!).

tree sillhouette with morning sun shining through and onto icy puddles

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  1. Happy Birthday N. Sounds like he had some lovely gifts. I’m impressed with his home schooling, he does seem a lot more independent than a lot of others I’ve been reading about. it’s nice he wants to learn. hope you managed to sort your boots out with the gorilla glue

  2. Glad your inlaws have had their vaccines, I am hoping that the speed they are getting through them will mean things start going back to normal. The ‘chicken’ pot pie with garlic bread topping sounds really tasty! Hope N enjoyed his double digits birthday. That sounds good you both have a bit more space to work now.

  3. How annoying that the strap end came off on one of your boots, especially when they’ve not had much wear. Hope the gorilla glue did the trick. Happy belated birthday to N. Can’t beat a Victoria sponge with lots of jam and buttercream and glad that he had a fun day with his schoolwork on his birthday. Lovely photo of the snow. #project365

    1. Still trying to find the gorilla glue. Think the OH might have taken it off on the farm somewhere, so will have to buy some more.

  4. Happy Birthday to N, hope he had a lovely day and liked his presents. Such a shame about your boots, I swear by Hotter for my shoes – my boots are still going strong after 4 years, although I would quite like a new pair now as they are starting to look well worn

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to N. I must admit his school work sounds a lot more interesting than what we are getting here at the moment. Glad he had a good day. What a pain about the boots. I hope the glue has worked and you can wear them again? I was so jealous of your snow. It missed us and the boys were so disappointed. I am hoping we may get some more its been cold enough!

  6. I’m not sure my comments are going through, Emma, I have checked a few times, and don’t know what I’m supposed to do. It shows me that the comment is posted above in the line, but it is not actually there.
    Happy belated birthday to N! The Victoria sponge is great for all occasions, such a classic cake.
    Sorry to hear about your boots, hope the super glue works!

    1. Comments always come through in the end – a lot of my regular commenters get caught in spam for some reason and I restore them back. Just need to find the glue for the boots now – think the OH took it over to the farm somewhere and it’s not come back home.

  7. Happy birthday! I’m not sure about our covid rates here but we are still waiting for my parents to have their vaccine call. Lovely photo. We didn’t get any snow, it felt like the rest of the UK did. I love the sound of that pie too #365

  8. That’s a relief that your in-laws had their vaccine. Is it the first dose?
    We were quite overjoyed to see the snow, and finally built our first snowman of the winter. Eddie had a snowball fight with his Dad. I think the forecast is that we might get more snow this weekend?
    How annoying about your boots! Hope the super glue works. Happy belated birthday to N!

  9. Let’s hope the figures continue to drop although it worries me that then they’ll open the schools and people like me will go back to work and then the numbers will go straight back up again. Glad N enjoyed his birthday, and glad the new set up works for you both. #365

    1. That’s the worry. I’m concerned that they’ll basically get the main groups vaccinated, then basically say, right they’re all safe, the rest can go back to work now. I don’t want to go back to work if I’ve not had the vaccine, or back to normal life, and the OH would be putting the pressure on not too if we’ve not had vaccines either. I’m hoping that my work stays risk averse and keeps people working remotely if they can rather than getting everyone back at once.

  10. That is great news about Covid cases dropping near you and your in-laws having their vaccine.
    How frustrating about the boots. Gorilla glue is fab stuff, I hope it works.
    Happy birthday to N.
    Eesh! Everyone seems to be getting snow but us. It’s been dry and bright here today. What a pretty scene x

    1. Looks like we’re getting snow again this weekend too – just on the edge of it so not sure how much or whether it will end up missing us as rain instead.

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