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Project 52 2019 week 49 – tennis time

With only a few weeks til Christmas I’m now realising that Christmas is a lot closer than I’m prepared for. I’ve still got quite a lot to organise, but I’m definitely winding down and ready for some time off work.

This week’s Project 52 week 49 started off with our long awaited trip to London for the Champions Tennis at the Royal Albert Hall. We had so much fun, and N was hooked for the 3 hours of singles, doubles and exhibitions doubles matches. He’s decided he wants to learn all Bahrami’s trick shots, but I reminded him he will need to be a good player to do that as well

xavier malisse backhand

On Monday nothing unusual happened. Just work and school.

Tuesday was the same, although after getting back from work, the OH needed to get his photos taken for his gun licence renewal. He couldn’t get the online form to work so digital photos weren’t an option. So we had a family trip to the supermarket to get them done. Luckily the car was still in the car park when we got back to the car, because the OH had forgotten to take the keys out to lock it after we got out. We should have gone in my car, because I don’t do stuff like that!

On Wednesday I had lots of fun trying to get home after work. There are so many roadworks going on down various roads into town, so traffic is getting backed up everywhere. At least if I take different routes home I get to see more Christmas lights on people’s houses.

Thursday N had a school trip to see Billionaire Boy in Oxford. All the school went, although I was surprised he didn’t tell me more about the actual show. Instead I heard about the other very noisy school who were also there, and who sat by who on the bus. We had to pick up at 5pm although they were late back.

On Friday it was a normal work day, but very quiet in the office. I caught the end of the school church service at pick up time. Then N had tennis. It was pretty cold, a bit windy but the rain mostly stayed away. They still played outside though – they’re pretty hardy, but the coach says there’s no really enough space for them to practice inside so they’re better out.

Saturday I’d hoped to go to a local Christmas Tree festival but N flat out refused. We did a bit of Christmas shopping (that’s the OH’s done), N had the end of term fun swim at swimming. Then we did jigsaws, played a few games of Uno and just had a chilled out day. The OH was out shooting elsewhere, so we made curry for tea. I love that N likes foods that the OH doesn’t. It means we have treat teas of foods we like when he’s not eating at home.

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  1. gosh imagine if you had come back out and the car was gone….thank goodness it wasn’t
    Glad he enjoyed the tennis and I am sure if he is determined enough he may one day be a famous player.
    There are a lot of school buses outside the panto theatre here most school days now, can make it difficult to cross the road at times.

  2. The champions tennis sounds exciting, lovely to see some top class exhibition tennis. Glad N likes to try new foods, my husband will eat anything as will our 5 kids, I’m the one who is a bit more reserved with food choices

  3. Did N like the Billionaire Boy? We’ve seen the film a while ago, and it wasn’t our favourite Walliams’ story. Lovely for you to see the tennis top class players in action. Sounds like N enjoyed it a lot, and is inspired to learn more.

  4. Great for N to see some top class players playing tennis. I remember my trip to Edgbaston to see the ladies final there when I was a teenager. Pam Shriver won and she was great.

  5. Going to watch the tennis sounds brilliant. My kids would mainly tell me about the school bus if they went on a trip too! My son has had a few trips to Europe on a coach and he loves it – the longer on the coach the better as far as he’s concerned. It is great that N likes the same sorts of food as you. We still struggle with food that everyone likes in our house.

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