yellow and orange vegetables

Project 52 2018 week 12 – yellows and oranges

This week’s whizzed by. It’s been a busy week, and with the clocks going forward tonight while I’m out dancing late, I’m hoping N gives me an easy time tomorrow morning. I’m not holding my breath.

This week’s included the speediest dentist appointment and solution. I rang up at lunch time, they had an appointment that evening to check my tooth which was really rough on the bottom of it, and looking like it was going dark at the bottom. She said it had probably been knocked and could smooth it off and fill over the darker bit. She didn’t seem too worried – I was concerned it was going rotten and would need to come out, as it’s a visible tooth, but now it’s covered on that patch.

N was hoping they’d be doing a badge swim this week because he was determined to try and get his 25 metres, but it was just a normal lesson. It looks like the other boy who’s quite good, isn’t going up to the next level which I’m surprised about. I think a lot of it is the difference between children actually listening and doing what they’re meant to. N does, but some of the others who are just as good swimmers don’t.

I’d also managed to get back to west coast swing this week too.  I’ve not danced properly since before Christmas, so it was good to be back. Although my newish dance shoes weren’t comfortable and gave me blisters so those ones are going and I’ve trawled through the wardrobe to find other pairs. I seem to have accumulated about 6 pairs. Oops.

I’ve not taken many photos this week, but I had to snap my food preparation for Saturday’s meal.  I’m back on my diet again and it’s going well (I didn’t weigh the first week – I didn’t want to see the scales go off the scale, but I reckon going on clothes and from the second week’s weighing, I’ve lost around 1 1/2 stones). During the week it’s easy to keep to the diet, but much harder at weekends when I’m cooking for N and the OH who need good portions, don’t worry about their weight and who like puddings with every meal possible.  So today it’s sausage, mash and beans for them, and I’m having my sausages with roasted veg. My usually rainbow veg is a little yellow and orange based today, and I might throw some lentils in too for extra protein.

yellow and orange vegetables
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    1. These ones are butternut squash ones. I’d rather not make puddings – they’re extra faff. But I have a couple of quick ones that are store cupboard available I can whip up in 20 minutes (plus a couple of microwave ones that are even faster. When we were kids, it was fruit or yoghurt with a pudding once a week. N has something for lunch and tea every day at school and afterschool club! As well as at weekends. Good job he’s so physical)

  1. Oh now that looks rather tasty, you can’t beat crinkle cut chips can you. Well done with the diet that’s a pretty impressive loss. Oh and those carrots look amazing…home grown?

  2. Hope you were granted an easy morning today. Well done with the diet. My weight is edging downwards with a combination of exercise and keeping an eye on what I eat, but nothing spectacular. I’m starting to notice that my clothes aren’t fitting quite so well, but I don’t think I’ve gone down a size yet.

  3. I hate the clocks going forwards and backwards. I just about manage to get used to one time, then it’s changing all over again. sigh. Your poor feet need extra pampering after dancing. Good luck with your diet, I sooo need to start one but I’m lacking any motivation.

  4. Oh gosh so glad I read your post as had forgotten about the clocks going forward! Glad your tooth isn’t rotten and doesn’t need to come out

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