Review: Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

I’m not generally one for posh creams and skincare, preferring to use a mix of products depending on what it’s for.  I don’t really find specific brands helping if I layer them up.  Instead I pick and choose products that seem to work for specific things.  Generally though I’m a Dermalogica fan for facial wash and spots, as I do get hormonal flare ups (still, at the wrong side of 35!).

But I’d realised that I probably needed to start thinking about a night cream.  Although my skin’s still a bit on the oily side (make up does tend to slide off by the middle of the day), I’ve realised with my hair that adding moisture helps, so why not try the same with my face.

I’d mentioned to my best friend that I was trying to find a cream that wasn’t too rich and oily, so come Christmas a little box turned up, to fit my requirements.  All a surprise, and a very nice one.  It was Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief.  She’d chatted to the Clinique ladies in her local department store and they’d advised it as good for all skin types.

What I really like about it is it’s a jelly so not oily at all.  You only need a tiny bit and use it as and when you want.  Over or under make-up, although I tend to use it evenings (taking it down onto my neck as well) and sometimes morning depending on how my skin feels.  It really makes my skin feel soft, and also look radiant before putting on make up.  If you really wanted to feel refreshed, I suppose you could leave it in the fridge before using.

My make up goes on fine afterwards; it sinks in really well and doesn’t make my skin feel greasy.  I definitely feel like it’s providing hydration to my skin, so we’ll see how it goes long term.

It’s not a product I’d ever have thought of buying before, but once it eventually runs out, I’ll be buying again.  As with most branded skincare, it seems expensive, but I’ve hardly made a dent in it yet, so I can see it lasting a long time.

Since then I’ve bought or been given other Clinique skincare products, and using them is going well.

What skincare products do you use?

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