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Bathtime bonding with Matey

Having had Matey bubble bath used during my childhood, I’ve always been keen that N uses it too.  So I was interested to see the book they’d developed as part of the ‘Making bathtime fun’ initiative.

The creation of the limited edition bathbook was following research which indicated that 60% of parents believe bath time to be one of the most important bonding experiences with their child.  Bathtime beats bedtime and mealtimes for bonding in the study.  Parents generally look forward to bath time, although 25% don’t make it home in time from work for their child’s bath.

For me bath time’s a chore, but once it’s happening it can definitely be fun.  Although much of the time at the moment, N baths while his dad’s in the shower so they muck around squirting water at each other, before I come in and get N dried and dressed.  For days when N’s at nursery and we’re out working, bath time’s one of the only activities that we know we get to do daily (except swimming days where it’s a relief to not have to do bath times as well).  The bathroom’s always more water logged when Dad’s sorting out the bath though. bathtime

N quite often moans about having to have a bath…in line with the 20% of parents who admit their children can become upset before a bath.  Once he’s in, he’s fine and loves it.  He’ll then moan about having to get out as he’s so absorbed in playing.  Water play is definitely one of his favourite activities.

We now have to watch N whenever it’s bathtime.  If we’re not careful, he’s in the bathroom running the water himself (worryingly the hot water tap’s the one he can reach), squirting the whole bottle of bubbles in!

Generally in the bath he just wants to play with a sponge and empty shampoo bottles, so he’s easily pleased.  However he has been quite attached to the Matey bath book since it arrived.  Not in the bath, but just generally and at bed times.

The bath book was written by a mum of 2, Emma Greaves, who won against hundreds of other parents to have her story published.  The book tells of the adventures of the Matey characters (Max, Molly and Peg Leg) in a poem, which is easy to read, and easy for young children to listen to and understand. bathbook

N had to have the book read to him, although after the first time of reading, he just wanted to ‘read’ it himself…or mostly just point to the characters saying ‘who’s that?’, his favourite question of the moment.  He also took it to bed a couple of nights running, and was running around downstairs beforehand asking where his pirate book was.  Yes, we currently have the Peg Leg Matey bubble bath, although last time he chose the Molly pink version.  Not sure his dad was that impressed with the choice!  I’ve been quite disappointed that I’ve not been able to find the original Max Matey bottle as it’s the sailor one I remember from my childhood.  So if you know which stores stock that version, please do let me know where you’ve found it.


Disclosure: We received a copy of the Limited edition Matey bath book as part of the bathtime bonding campaign.  All opinions are my own.

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    1. It’s a retro classic isn’t it. Although I suppose when I was younger it was the only choice compared with now where it’s all character branding.

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