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Jumping in the swimming pool

THE best thing about going to swimming lessons with your children (aside from obviously, seeing them learn to swim) is seeing their face when they’re loving it.

Especially if you’ve been through a dubious period where it was mostly crying and moaning about swimming and not wanting to take part in anything.  But they come through it (at some point), and decide they like certain activities, and it makes it all worthwhile.

When we get in the pool first of all and N sits on the side then launches himself in to me, there’s a great smile on his face as he’s looking forward to swimming again.

When Lynsey says ‘come and get a woggle’, and N shouts ‘woggle’ and starts kicking that way to get one.

When the giant mat float comes out and N realised there might be several of his favourite activities happening, he shouts ‘mat’ and wants to get to his go to run and jump off it, or sit on with all his swimming friends before they get wobbled off into the water.

When they get the chance to sing and do the actions, N’s singing along in my ear.

When they get to jump or ‘dive’ off the side, and I see the anticipation in his face waiting for the signal to go before he splashes in.

When they have to swim from a certain point in the pool (15-20 metres) with the woggle on their own to the end of the pool, and his little face showing determination (and an impractical grin before he swallows water), his legs kicking away and his odd little breast stroke arms as he wants to reach me and the end of the pool.

It’s definitely a great chance to experience with them as they learn and enjoy, even if it’s as simple as jumping in the pool.


Disclosure: I blog for Water Babies, although all words and opinions are my own.

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    1. I agree. It’s a pain to get organised and want to go to, but’s good fun, good exercise, and more importantly, it’s a safety requirement really for children. Thanks for popping by

  1. Sounds wonderful. We’ve always had good experiences of swimming and I put that down to going to classes from 7 weeks onwards in a lovely warm pool. Sounds like N is having a great time in the pool.

    1. I think it does help starting early and keeping going even through the hard times. Some children are harder work than others, and even in our toddler group there’s some who still won’t go to the teacher, and others who won’t do things on their own to a parent, but they’re all progressing and learning essential skills.

    1. Oh, that’s a shame. N loves it on his front, but no playing ball on his back!

      One in our class is too excited and overconfident that he leaves the woggle behind, so he’s taken to using a shark fin. Works for him, so might be an alternative dependent on age/size?

  2. aaaww lovely moments!! I myself am not a fan of swimming, I really need to get the kids learning though x

    1. It’s so hard making the time, especially when you’re not keen. I’d like the OH to come along too, then he could play with N in the water, and I could actually do some proper swimming, but OH’s not playing ball. He hates swimming.

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