Nursery run with odd toddler toys

Getting out of the door in the morning (like every other parent) is like a military operation.  I have an hour Mondays-Wednesdays to get showered, make up on, hair done, get the 2 of us dressed, sort my lunch out, grab the bags and get out of the door, which does work, as long as N plays ball and his dad doesn’t wind him up so he wants to just keep playing.  Thursdays and Fridays feel like too much time as his nursery school is a 9 o’clock start rather than 8am drop off.

Thankfully we’re less than 5 minutes down the road for both. But a couple of minutes can make all the difference in being caught waiting on the long single track drive letting all the other parents drive in as I’m leaving after dropping him off. Or getting stuck behind the school buses on the way into town.

I tend to get N’s bag ready the night before so at least I don’t have that to stress about. He also seems to have got over the needing the toilet just as walk out of the door habit!

But there’re a couple of issues that always crop up in that fleeting hour.

The first is food.  N likes food.  N is always hungry.

When he’s at his day nursery, he’ll have all his meals there. So it’s breakfast on arrival at 8am.  But before we leave, he always wants something to eat, especially if he’s seen me getting food out for me to take to work.  I can usually palm him off with a banana or satsuma. Or if we have any in, a croissant or the like.  But he takes a long time to eat those in between wanting to play so it’s a faff and I’d prefer him to just eat his breakfast. He’ll eat it as usual when he arrives at nursery, and it doesn’t seem to make a difference whether he’s eaten at home beforehand or not.

The other time-delayer, is what he wants to take to nursery. Those toddler toys which aren’t always toys, but have to be taken everywhere.

It always used to just be Peter Rabbit and his taggy blanket.  These still make an appearance sometimes, and are left in the car at the other end.  The last few days, he’s been happy to just leave them behind which is good.

But now he’s getting more inventive with what needs to accompany him.  He’s taken his sunglasses, a bath book and more recently an interesting one…

The leg from his keyboard stand.  But he told me it was a welly.  Not just any welly, but his cousin T’s welly.

So off we went, with said ‘welly’ alongside his car seat.

nursery run

At least he didn’t want to actually take it into nursery with him, didn’t even mention having to leave it in the car.

What strange items have your children wanted to take to nursery or school with them?

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