Cold & Flu block

Review: NasalGuard Cold and FluBLOCK – cold and flu prevention

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I seem to get the sniffles lots throughout the year, and in particular in the winter, so I thought it was apt when I got the chance to try out NasalGuard Cold & FluBLOCK.  Hopefully what with the Vitamin C & Zinc I now take and this, I may be able to avoid as many this cold season

The Cold & FluBLOCK* is a water based, drug-free gel and the aim of it is to reduce the chance of catching cold and flu viruses before they get into your system, by coating an invisible barrier around your nose.  Sounds a bit strange, but makes sense.  What’s great is that because it’s drug-free, it can be used for anyone including young children and pregnant women.  Definitely good for the latter given they can’t take much in terms of medication.

I prefer it to the idea of preventative sprays, and it’s as simple as just putting a tiny bit of gel on your fingers and putting it around and under your nostrils.  The tube itself is tiny, but you use so little each time that it does contain up to 150 applications.   I’d say that number of applications, plus the fact it can be used by all the family, makes it worth the £11.99 rrp.

Cold & Flu block
Tiny tube, lots of packaging, but lots of information as well

So far, I’ve only been using it just before bedtime as it’s not really quite got to cold season yet, but I’ll definitely be putting it on over my make up before going to work as well as before bed.  NasalGuard recommends applying it several times a day during the cold season, and being able to put it on over make up is great with it not smearing the make up off.

The first couple of times I used it, it did feel a bit greasy, but since then I’ve not noticed it at all.  It’s a really thin layer, so it doesn’t feel like it’s lying on your skin at all – maybe the first few times I’d squeezed out too much?  (I did take a photo for this review of the relevant size blob but I’m not sure seeing my manky finger or a close up of my nose would be something you would want to see!)

I can’t say that I’ve avoided any colds, but working in an office (and having a son at nursery who brings all bugs home), anything that potentially stops me getting colds all season has got to be worth a go.  I’ve also tried it on N before he goes to nursery.  It doesn’t worry him having it put on, so hopefully he’ll avoid catching too many colds this winter.

The one downside (as per usual with similar health solutions like this) is the amount of packaging that it comes with to explain what it’s about and how to use it.  Other than that, and the fact that you never really know whether it actually works or not (would you have caught a cold anyway?), it seems worth trying for me.

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