Scared toddlers

It seems despite N role playing with a ‘chain saw’ around the farm and gardens, he’s still petrified of them, or anything that could be them.

After a late afternoon drop off (he’d refused a nap earlier), I’d woken him up 15 minutes before tea.  Then ensued a half hour of him writhing on the floor saying he wanted to just sleep.

One plated dinner was already being left for the OH when he got in from work, but I wasn’t impressed at N’s being refused.  Highly unusual, especially as usually he’s in an ok mood even if woken from a sleep.

So I’d eaten my food, including a yummy raspberry jelly frothy dessert which did attract N’s attention, but not enough to sit up and eat his tea.  But he didn’t want foil over his tea, so I had to resort to the old style fold up fly cover.

That did manage to persuade him that his food might be quite interesting, so eventually he decided to sit at the table and eat his food.  It was quite unnerving, having a child who usually eats like his life depends on it, to all of a sudden refusing his tea for sleep.

It wasn’t helped by halfway through his meal, the lodger’s boyfriend decided to start strimming the bushes in their garden.  N could hear it and it did sound quite loud and like a chain saw.  I’ve never seen a toddler go so pale and his eating slowed down, with him using his hands instead of the fork because they were shaking so much.

I reassured him, and rubbed his back, but he was still shaking until well after the strimmer had stopped.  Then the lawnmower started.  I thought he’d be fine with that as he’s used to the ride on lawn mower which has never scared him, but he must have been tying it in with the previous noise.

Eventually it stopped and he was able to finish his tea, but I’ve never seen him scared before like that.  I don’t know whether he was just still really tired, or whether not seeing the ‘noise’ in front of him meant it was more scary.  I’m hoping he’ll get over this stage soon, as it’s horrible to see.

Once he’d eaten, he’d perked up and was back requesting Peter Rabbit on tv, and helping load the dishwasher.

What are your toddlers scared of?

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  1. Poor thing. Glad he could finish his tea in the end. My girl was really afraid of loud noises when she was younger, everything from fireworks, to hoovers, to hand dryers. Everything really. It didn’t help we got squirrels in the attic one spring and had a heck of a job finding where they got in and then getting rid of them. They made so much noise, just over her bedroom, she was petrified of going to bed.

  2. Oh least he was able to carry on. I don’t have a toddler any more – but he does find certain sounds really distracting. #PoCoLo

    1. He didn’t cry so that’s one thing, but really hoping that he gets over it. Other similar sounds he’s not worried about, but since the chain saw at nursery forest school, anything like that he’s petrified of

    1. Thanks for popping by. Hope so too. We’re struggling with public loo hand dryers too, although he wasn’t too bad with the Dyson cyclone ones

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