Sticking and card making

I always have lots of ideas for crafting with N but he never seems that interested.  Luckily he gets plenty of opportunities at nursery, so he’s not missing out all the time.

However, he does like to root through my drawers of craft supplies of which I still have loads from my card and jewellery making days (even though I cleared out lots), mainly looking for playdoh or paint.  The problem with crafting (and I used to find this when I spent time myself) is that getting everything out and putting it away, takes almost as long, if not longer when there’s a toddler involved, as the actual crafting.

The other day though, I managed to hold him off by producing some cute little sticker options – mini ones that were padded so easy for him to remove from the sticker sheet, and suggesting he made a card for Grandma as she’s ill.

Ooh, yes, he liked that idea.

N’s still at the ‘stick as many items as possible’ on the card, then tip all the crayons out stage.  He had a bit of a scribble, but mostly just wanted to stick.

dinosaur stickers

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The stickers were lovely ones (probably not to really be wasted on little children!) – tea sets and biscuits – so he kept checking the stickers and then jabbing his finger with one on to ask me what the sticker was.  He had an education in custard creams, party rings and nice biscuits.

finding things in his craft box

I did make the mistake of leaving the card within reach, so it ended up having a lot of stickers then removed…where I then found him zapping the stickers in his toy microwave.

He did seem happy to let me help him write his name inside (although he wanted to scribble over the top afterwards), and the envelope ended up with a swirly picture of ‘dad’, a tractor and Grampy.  Really relevant for Grandma (on my side of the family) but never mind.  He enjoyed it, and there didn’t appear to be pen left anywhere else which is always a relief.

Considering N has a reward chart for not climbing out of bed, and (in theory) potty training if he ever wants to start, he didn’t make any attempt to take some of these crafting stickers up to put on his chart.  I’m still not sure he really understands his reward chart concept.  It’s like I need a mobile one that I can take with me to tally them up so he can see when he gets them and can refer to them all the time.

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What stickers go down well in your house?

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    1. It’s not often he’ll sit still for arts and crafts, so was quite impressed how long he spent. It was funny how each time he peeled a sticker off, he had to ask me what type of biscuit it was!

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