Toddlerisms 10: bossiness

Today was a total treat day as we’d stopped at a Wyvale Garden Centre on the way to a friend’s house and decided to buy some pies for tea from their nice food shop…expensive, but nice on occasions.

N and I shared a Deerstalker pie – venison, bacon and puy lentils, so definitely a treat.  With it, mashed potato, carrots and broccoli.

N’s definitely a pie fan (personally I’d usually opt for chicken, but I thought this would be a safer option if the OH didn’t fancy the one I’d got him – they’d run out of his favourite).  He’ll eat pretty much anything.

After seeing him eat a much larger portion of pasta and bolognese the other day served up by a friend, I wonder whether I serve small portions?  So I dished him up a third of pie, along with a reasonable portion of veg and mash.

He demolished his way through it, then noticed I’d left some of my mash once I’d got full (my eyes are always bigger than my belly when it comes to mashed potato).

“Mummy, eat your potato” he said brandishing his knife towards my plate.

“I’m full, you don’t have to eat everything on your plate if you’re full”.

“Eat it up, mummy”.

In the end, he decided he wanted more, so had my plate of leftovers.  Makes life easier on my diet if he eats my leftovers and doesn’t leave any of his own.

Anyone else have a hoover for a child?!  And a bossy boots?

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