blue prefect badge - year 5

Primary school days in October – year 5

I can’t believe I forgot my October School Days round up. There was lots going on, although maybe less than normal. With Covid restrictions, it means no parents going into school for the usual events and open days for end of term. But all the virtual events have been kicking off – the school are doing a good job putting these on and with working at home, I can usually flex these better through my day as they come up with meetings. Just log on rather than having to take extra time for travelling at either end of the session.

Here’s what’s been going on this month in year 5.


N didn’t want to stand for school council this year or even sports council. I think he might have been put off by the fact that the sports council probably have less to do with only being able to organise things in bubbles compared with normal. But he came home the week after elections to say he’d been made Prefect for their class along with the girl who extended hers from last year. Usually it’s just two from the top class, but this year they made it one from each class. 

He was funny as he wasn’t sure what his job was, but I think it’s just to be an exemplar representative of the school and their values, and someone who has good behaviour and work ethic. He was very pleased and I’m very proud of him for being recognised as a good example to others. Even if the OH takes the mickey for him being a goody two shoes.

blue prefect badge

Health and injuries

The school usually do HIIT before they go into class in the mornings. But this year they don’t go in the playground before the bell, just straight into class. N showed me some finger exercises they’ve been doing – not sure if he was winding me up – and getting ready for learning.

He had another brief bout of tonsillitis but just one wiped out day; It was very short lived. He was given different antibiotics (back to the old ones because you can’t stay on the other type for too long or you get stomach issues), but he was getting stomach ache for the first time after having this penicillin so stopped taking it. Thankfully it was a fairly mild bout this time, and I’m hoping that continues and we can avoid more antibiotics in future. 


N managed to give himself a fat lip at tennis (and out of school tennis managed to give himself a bruised cheek with his racket), so looked like a bit of a bruiser for a day. It’s a lot more dangerous than you’d expect with a 9 year old playing it!

They’ve been playing a lot of hockey at school now tennis isn’t suitable with the weather. N was gutted I picked him up early before PE as he wasn’t well enough to play sport (he went home and slept til tea). But they had an extra hockey lesson later in the week that he got to do instead. Evidently it’s a very popular sport across the class.  It’s a shame the boys are unlikely to play it when they go to secondary school as it tends to be a girls sport.

Virtual events

The school managed harvest festival and target assembly (which I forgot about – oops), as virtual events. It’s so funny to see the children on the screen and it must be weird for them as well. But it’s great to be able to see how they’re getting on. And compare how diddy they must have been all those years ago when they started school, comparing them now to the size and shyness of the reception children.

Outdoor learning

Despite the wet weather, they’ve had outdoor learning once a week. They were finding leaves and doing various other activities in their specific outdoor learning session. Plus drama has been largely held outside.

Black History Month

As part of Black History Month, N’s class were doing a lot of work themed on that topic. They researched into famous black people who made an impact in history – N chose Rosa Parks. Their home work comprehension covered poetry from black poets and black folk tales about slavery history. There was also an ask for more books for the library from black authors. For a small rural school in a predominantly white area, it was a great way to get the conversation going about the importance of Black people in British history.


N doesn’t mind doing assessments. I think a lot of schools must make too much of them, or not make them part of their learning, as N is always pretty relaxed when they have to do them. Hopefully he’ll feel the same when it comes to important exams later in school.

Half term felt like it came round fast, but time does seem to be whizzing by during these strange times. 1 half term down already for Year 5.

How have your children been settling back into school?

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