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End of December school days update

Better late than never here’s the end of December monthly school update on how things have been going. Obviously December is full of fun and Christmas themed events and it’s one of the times of year that N loves.


Needless to say, even though the teachers and TAs have had a word with N about making sure he reads outside of school as well as in, nothing has really changed. N still loves books and he was very excited to get a Wimpy Kid book from Father Christmas who visited school on the last day of term. He’s got a few books going on a home I just think he hasn’t got the staying power to actually read a whole book. What I need to find is an anthology with cool school kids stories in so he can fill it in and out as he wants but still getting to read a whole story within the book.


Maths seems to be the subject that gets dropped a bit when are the school events are on and N said he misses a bit of maths for his tennis privates as well. I did explain to him that probably given the number of boys in the class maths is a stronger point than English therefore more of the kids probably need more time spending on that side of things rather on the maths side.


All the children tend to get their frst target certificate to get them started, before October half term. But I was pleased to see N had got his bronze this time. You never really know how they’re doing, although I do look at his targets and try and work out which ones he’s ticking off as having achieved. His homework book also has a stamp added when it’s proof of an objective achieved so I know he’s on track at those bits.

All of N’s class looked like they achieved the target level. Unlike all the other classes. Well done year 3 and 4s. It was funny because instead of going up as a class, there’s so many in N’s year, they had to do their class by year group so they could fit in a line across the hall. I expect they’ll spread out the certificate achievements next term as usually N doesn’t get silver until Easter.

Art vs mindfulness

N is very much a logical black or white child. He takes after me in that side of things. Fact is good, fluff is beyond us. This term N hasn’t been impressed that there’s been quite a lot of mindfulness and life thinking for the children. Whether it’s outside people coming in for specific sessions, or some of the work they’re doing in class he’s not that impressed.

Personally I’m with him and it would have driven me mad at school as well. But I’ve explained that some children struggle with their thoughts, anxiety and focus, and that mindfulness is one of the things that is known to help with that. He’s very lucky because he has very few worries and is happy go lucky. He’s got plenty of people to speak to if he’s got any problems, and he’ll quite happily chatter away if he’s got any worries. The only thing he says on occasion, is still having a few nightmares about soldiers in the world wars. It doesn’t help that there’s so many things this year have cropped up about World War 1 giving it the 100 years anniversary of the end of it. But their visit to trenches didn’t upset him so I’m not sure why he’s worried about it.

He’s looking forward to art next term though which is replacing the mindfulness.

reading books tom gates and peter rabbit


With Christmas, the choir were practicing like mad for both the over 60s dinner party in the village which the school choir always sing at, and the village carol concert which similarly the school are involved with. The choir mistress was ill for a couple of weeks which meant that they were unable to perform a few of the songs that they been practicing and instead resorting to some of the favorites that the other music teacher at school knows better. N enjoyed performing at the over 60s dinner party but missed out on the carol concert because it was the last tennis session of the year. He’s still singing Gaudete, so I’m hoping being back at school means new choir songs will take over.

Christmas events

Like any child N is obsessed with Christmas and loves all of the traditions at the school. They have the usual Christmas card post box outside each class for the children to post their cards in. So there is excitement every day for N to open his Christmas post. He also did finish off writing all of his Christmas cards without any hassle from myself. That just shows how far he’s come with his writing and he wasn’t just writing the to and from with the names, but a note inside as well. And mostly in very good handwriting.

The school had a carol concert one Friday which I went along to. N’s class each had to do a bit of a reading along the line. For once I could actually hear him which was impressive given they’d only just learnt their lines. And he had a couple of more complicated words, so it was great to see how well he picked that up.

Because of my work Christmas lunch and a big meeting I wasn’t able to attend the Christmas performance of Scrooge. We’re lucky in that key stage 2 also have a Christmas performance unlike many schools who only do key stage 1 nativities. With N being in the youngest year, he was just in the company. He was happy with that because it meant he just had to learn the songs.

In future years he’s aspiring to be his older cousin and be a stage manager rather than actually performing on the stage. He told me that next year even to be in the company they will have to audition, because some children just don’t want to be in the show. N said he would audition because he likes to do it, and I’m pleased that he likes to take part in these things even though he’s not the showiest performer.

The last day of term they had the usual school Christmas lunch complete with Father Christmas visiting. Each child could have their photo taken with him and the head teacher handed out the traditional Father Christmas photo on a calendar for all the parents afterwards. I’m always impressed by how the head knows every single parent and child. Yes it might be a small school, but that’s still 300+ people she has to know each year. Where I went to 6th form only had 400 in the whole school, and 36 girls, but even though I was a music scholar and sports captain for 2 teams, I doubt the head at the time knew who I was.

I just caught the end of the final assembly of the year complete with a bit of carol singing at the end. The teachers had performed their annual pantomime for the children otherwise parents don’t get to see that one. Probably a good idea as it would be a bit strange seeing teachers cross dressing with silly makeup on.

Dance competition

Considering I’m a dancer, I’m surprised at how badly coordinated N is when he’s dancing. But hey, he’s a boy, and at his age, there’s not many of them as good a dancer as the girls usually. He’s say he doesn’t like dancing, but he’ll often be seen at home moshing in front of the tv and dancing around.

But he does like taking part in the class dance competition each year. He’s a bit put out that his class still haven’t won it, but this year they only learnt their dance the same day as the judging. He was pleased they came second, but denied knowing the moves when I asked him to reprise the dance.

Until he told me it was to Reach by S Club 7, I found it on my ipod and we bopped around the kitchen to it. Lots of fun and laughs. N can never believe that I know all the tracks that turn up at school.

It was a good term. N has got (slightly) excited about various books. He’s still enjoying school and learning. And that’s the most important bit.

How’s school going your end?

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