muddy trainers in front of the aga

School days – Year 4 December

Another month’s gone past of Year 4, another end of term, and they’ve gone through the fun of the Christmas run up at school.  Here’s this month’s school days rounds.


N was chosen as VIP fairly close to his one in December. On the same day he had an assembly sticker – I didn’t know these existed until this year (or maybe they only started this year). Children who sit nicely and behave well in assembly are chosen by the oldest children to receive one. He’s had a few this month.

Billionaire Boy trip

This year they had a whole school theatre trip to Oxford to see Billionaire Boy. N and I read the book a while ago and he’s seen the tv film of it. Any trip on a coach is fun for them, and he though the performance was good. He was very concerned because another larger school who were at the theatre were very noisy in comparison to our school. They were evacuated at the end due to a fire in another building. N was oblivious to this, and when I told him that’s what happened he didn’t believe it. Obviously the staff kept them organised without any panic.

Personal best at maths

N’s maths is going well. It’s definitely his strongest subject and one he enjoys (apart from maths reasoning). He does often get told he needs to get more sums done in the time they’re given. But this month he got his personal best with 132 questions answered in a maths session. Of course, not being humble, he told me it was probably a 2nd best school record. I’m glad he’s working more consistently now. 


This month there was an Ofsted inspection. N was one of the children the inspector spoke to in a group. N was very blase about it, although I’m not sure how much he actually told the guy.

Lunch moans

N has started moaning a lot more about the food served at lunches. We always feedback to school when they ask for people’s thoughts, and N says he still eats the food. But there’s a lot he really doesn’t like now. Meals he’d like at home, but he doesn’t like the meat etc. There was one benefit of the latest feedback – N said he was given a couple of bigger portions recently.

Target assembly

Bronze certificate time. I think all of N’s year got their certificate this time. He said he wanted me to go to that assembly – it’s lovely to see them all go up to collect them. Although the foundation stage look so tiny, it’s hard to remember ours being that age and just starting out at school.

muddy trainers in front of the aga
Drying off muddy school trainers

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Christmas celebrations

The school go to town with Christmas, as most primary schools do. They have Christmas jumper day although I’m not sure that N actually wore his jumper for most of the day.

They had their annual visit from Father Christmas. N said they were told it’s a villager who comes in – presumably because some of the older ones know about Santa while others don’t, so hopefully it prevents them coming out and telling the younger one he isn’t real. N is quite happy knowing it’s a villager – evidently he’s way too young to be the real one anyway, plus he reckons the real one can’t be everywhere visiting children in the run up, so of course he has representatives to help. They all get given a book and with N’s homework just being to read a whole book over Christmas, he’s already getting into it and enjoying it.  If you want to check it out, it’s Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth*.

Father Christmas joins them for Christmas lunch and they all wear their party wear and smart outfits for the last day of school and Christmas dinner. N went in wearing cords, his shooting shirt and tie. It did make him laugh that his teacher straightened it up and pushed it right up, as N likes to wear it looser which makes him look a bit half hearted about dressing up.

The last day always ends in a carol ‘service’ and sing song which parents can come along to. I arrived at pick up just in time to join in with the audience participation essential song ‘12 days of Christmas’ which is always a fun one.

N still enjoys school. Even the assessments they’ve done towards the end of this term haven’t put him off. Hopefully parents’ evening in January will be a good one with no surprises.

Hope the end of the school year has been a good one for your school children too?

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