School days year 6 January

Considering it was a pretty busy month, January has whizzed by. There’s been lots of changes at school with N’s class – switch around of staff, a couple of children leaving, and Covid dodging (or not for some of them).

Year 6 is 5 months down, 6 to go. 

Here’s January’s school days.

Back to school

Back to school was a lot of hoping that there’d be no Covid for us over Christmas, and that N would avoid picking it up, So far so good, although he did have the first Monday back off school thanks to tonsillitis. He didn’t suffer too badly with it – just 3 days of it, and only one tonsil came up and got white spots. So he didn’t miss too much, and it was easy to catch up again.

There have been a few children remote learning each week, so unless Covid miraculously disappears at some point (unlikely given all the government restrictions have basically gone), this year’s going to be another impacted with bubbles in our school continuing, and people in and out off sick.


New year party

I remember when N refused to go to school discos. This time’s party was held by class again. Drinks and nibbles, and a lot of outdoor games to try and keep them in the fresh air. N loved it.

Circuits and PE

They’ve been doing a mix of PE and sports again this time.  A new activity they did a few time was with the dance teacher who had them creating their own circuits. N said it was a lot of fun. Anything that’s active, and gets them deciding what to do, is alway going to be a winner with him.

They’ve also started playing a bit of hockey again which of course he loves. He’s been coming home in the scrapes again though. Plasters on knees, scrapes and grazes on legs and shoulder. They also managed to get in a tag rugby session one day as well.  So N’s happier now there’s more sport on the schedule compared to previously.

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While N is loving football (and seemingly obsessed to a ridiculous extent), I’ve had to reiterate time and time again about cleaning his football boots. I’m a bit hypocritical because when I played a lot of hockey at school I had football boots that I very rarely cleaned. But I’m hoping he’ll get with it, and improve his cleaning skills. He has a boot buddy* but was just scraping the mud off initially. They were still caked. But now he’s getting the hang of cleaning them properly, then putting paper in them to dry them out.

Non uniform – cold weather?

Due to high Covid cases around the area, and in school, they’re back rechecking ventilation. As it’s winter, they said children can come layered up, and choose non uniform if they want. (this was after N’s birthday – they’re allowed to wear non uniform for their birthdays so he didn’t miss out being a special case for that).  N still doesn’t seem impacted by the cold – he’s still in shorts and t shirt although he does at least wear a (light) jacket to walk into school. Many of the boys in his class are the same.

Parents evening

Beginning of the year means parents evening time, this time again on Teams.. As usual N’s was good, on track to hit where he should for his weaker writing, his reading age is a couple of years older than his age, and his maths is ahead of where they’d expect for this stage of the year. He’s respected and liked by the others in the class, and while he’s showing more opinions and speaking out, he also allows others to have their views too.

The Tudors

N always enjoys the history topics they do the most. This term is the Tudors. He already knew quite a bit thanks to Horrible Histories, but he’s been coming out with more facts than I know. One day he even came back from school wanting to do drawings of Tudor houses because he thought he was quite good at them at school. 

How’s school been going at your end?

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