Like so many children N loves a collectable. Actually I lie. He likes the opening up and surprise of a collectable.  Then they get left somewhere and forgotten about.  Then eventually I throw them out and he never notices.  I tend to get a stash of them for rewards – when he completes a row of stickers he gets to lucky dip and pull one out.  But it’s rare he ever gets more than a couple from a range.

But this week we’ve been introduced to Smashers toys, a sports based collectible toy launched in January 2018, that may have changed N’s mind and got him hooked.

Smashers packs

N isn’t a big football fan so I wasn’t sure how these would go down.  Smashers are little red balls (about squash ball size) made of pieces of plastic.  You then throw them at a wall or the floor to smash them and get the collectable out.  Let’s just say that throwing and smashing balls is something that’s gone down very well here.  Plus you can try and put them back together again to smash them again and again.

We did have to loosely Sellotape the ‘jigsaw’ pieces of the plastic together because you needed hands to hold 3 pieces in place, and another hand to slot the next piece in.  But that worked pretty well and now N can enjoy breaking them up time and time again.

opening a smashers pack

It doesn’t matter if your child isn’t into football.  N prefers tennis  – he’s an Andy Murray fan of course, and plays a couple of weeks, although he’s currently preferring to watch World’s Strongest Man rather than other sports.  It’ll be interesting to see if his interest in other sports increases once he’s introduced to the Winter Olympics.

smashers packaging

While the ‘game’ element of Smashers looks quite footbally, the collectable toys are based across different sports including ice skating/hockey, basketball and other sports.  As with any collectable there’s a guide to all the toys available, across bad sports, limited editions, standard toys, ultra rare, and snacks/foods.  N was excited that he managed to get a few rare and limited edition toys, although he gave up marking them off and just wanted to play.

smashers collectables toys and smashed balls

playing smashers game on paper football pitch

Once you’ve smashed the balls, you can use the leaflets to create a game adding more interest other than just a collectable.

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There’s a few different pack size of Smashers, from a bus to single packs. There have since been further series released.

Smashers football bus –  which includes a couple of Smashers. You can open up the bus to make a football scoring game with your Smashers, and use it as storage for up to 50 Smashers toys.


I’ve been given a Smashers prize to giveaway to one reader. The prize is a Smashers 8 pack and a Smashers tin. Just answer the question ‘what sport do your children enjoy?’ in the comments, then complete the rafflecopter to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  2. Giveaway closes 11.59pm 11th February 2018
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  4. There is one prize of 2 Smashers packs
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Are your children collectables fans?


Disclosure: We were sent a variety of Smashers for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are our own.


  1. Ann Nesbitt

    My two grandsons are football crackers!

  2. HannahMary

    For both my boys swimming and getting out on their bikes

  3. Rachael obrien

    My daughter plays golf and trains with the county 🙂 she got a scholarship at the local golf club x

  4. Dale Dow

    football, both boys play club football as well as their school team

  5. Charlie Brunton

    My little sisters are really into gymnastics! They’re forever tumbling around & doing flips!

  6. katie smith

    My son loves football and my daughter loves netball!

  7. Jeanette Leighton

    My little ones both love to play football

  8. Kelly cooper

    My son doesn’t like sport but he loves dance. My daughter loves netball

  9. AdrianBold

    My nephew would love this. He’s in to football and swimming at the moment,

  10. My daughter likes swimming and ballet, along with making up her own ball sports.

  11. Simone Griffin

    My son loves any team sport, but especially football at the moment x

  12. Jenny Prest

    My boy loves football and his ;little sister seems to be following suit!

  13. Marie Rule

    My children enjoy dancing, gymnastics and yoga. Great prize.

  14. serenityyou

    my eldest loves football, my daughter like gymnastics and dance and my youngest isn’t into sports but loves playing on his scooter and have nerf gun wars

  15. Sam Parkes

    My daughter loves gymnastics and football

  16. Kevin Johnson

    They’re really into tennis lately and playing quite a bit.

  17. Katie leavy

    My little man loves tennis, running and has recently started football lesson which he loves being the goalie

  18. The children all like swimming but they went through a gymnastics phase.

  19. A.E. ADKINS

    The boys are into swimming and playing football

  20. kayleigh Robinson

    My kids love swimming, they would do everyday if they could!

  21. adeinne Tonner

    At the moment it has to be football and swimming

  22. AMANDA W

    my little man is football obsessed!!! we currently have football nets and around 6 footballs in our living room! every time i move them out he moves them back in!!!

  23. Kelly Hirst

    My daughter loves gymnastics and swimming

  24. David Banner

    The only sport my daughter likes is driving her daddy mad.

  25. My son loves swimming! He swims for a local swim club and loves going several times a week! He also loves watching football with his dad! xx


    Grandaughter loves her dancing and grandson loves his swimming

  27. Louisa Nelson

    We all love playing football in the garden x

  28. Karen Usher

    Karate for my little boy and gymnastics for my little girl.

  29. kate kathurima

    my son loves football
    My daughter loves running, tag rugby and anything active

  30. Fiona Rennie

    My son loves swimming, need to get him back in to lessons

  31. June Lord

    All three of mine love swimming and my eldest also loves gymnastics

  32. Caroline

    Hm. My little boy REALLY wanted these after seeing them on TV.. I however, wasn’t convinced.
    But, after reading this, I might give into one. Though I am partial to a collection and will definitely buy more than one! Haha!


  33. Stevie Fairbairn

    My niece loves swingball and she especially likes gymnastics.

  34. Lorna Ledger

    My Niece and Nephew love football, my Niece is really good at it x

  35. My oldest loves playing football in the garden with Daddy, and swimming, my youngest has just started crawling so enjoying climbing? Haha


    My daughter loves swimming and goes twice a week!

  37. Liam Bishop

    We always play dodgeball in the garden.

  38. Jessica L

    I have a football mad 8 year old, and a 5 year old who has yet to find ‘his’ sport.

  39. football as much as I am trying to get them into rugby

  40. Ren Taylor

    My son like x boxing can that count as a sport lol!? My daughter loves swimming x

  41. Steven S

    Football for my lad and ballet for my little lady.

  42. My boys love most sports inc, football, rugby, golf and swimming. My girls enjoy dancing and swimming.

  43. Annabel Greaves

    My son loves swimming and skiing and my daughter loves netball

  44. Emma Evans

    At the moment my daughter is enjoying Zumba as an after school club.

  45. Linda Ford

    My boys really enjoy bench ball at school xx

  46. Laura Pritchard

    My son loves playing football and going on geocaching walks.

  47. Sue McCarthy

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  48. Ashleigh Allan

    My son loves football and my daughter gymastics

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