Spinning around

Some of the things N does really do amuse me.

This morning he had insisted he was dressed while standing in front of the mirror on his wardrobe (vain, my son!).  Then while I was trying to sort his jumper to put on, he started singing and slowly spinning around.

Not so unusual, but he was doing what is known in the dance world as ‘spotting’, as he spun.  So he was continuing to look the same way in the mirror as he turned, when his head could go no further he was whipping it round to the other side to ‘spot’ where he was looking before.

Pretty cool as it takes people years to do that properly if they’re learning spinning in dancing. Obviously he had no idea what he was doing apart from enjoying looking at himself and spinning, but if he does that, it’ll stop him getting so dizzy.

Definitely made me laugh, especially when he was grinning and laughing lots while he was doing it.

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