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Summer sales

I’ve said it before, I’m a fan of shopping.  I have to admit that I’m not keen on shopping for myself at the moment (predominantly because I’ve got loads of clothes that I can’t get into so don’t really want to spend lots of money before I lose my (still) baby (and cake) weight.  Plus I’ve not been that keen on the clothes that have been available in the last couple of seasons.  Here’s hoping for Autumn!

I’m always on the look out for bargains for N.  I’m still holding out that we’ll get some more handmedowns from his youngest cousin, although the older they get the longer they stay in the clothes and being outdoor types, they might not be in a fit state by the time they’ve finished with them to pass them on.  So I’ve been getting N’s wardrobe set for next summer.  He’s already got most of the clothes he’ll need for age 2-3 (some of the smaller t-shirts he’s already into alongside his current 18-24m), and I’m presuming that at least the bottom half he’s usually a size behind the top unless he all of a sudden grows long legs and fattens out.

Of course one of the traditions when it comes to sales is the Next sale.  Yes, I used to be one of those people who’d be queuing up outside ready for it opening at 5am (perfect for buying work suits, and anything else I’d seen but not got round to buying/not sure about).  I’d love to say I’d be able to do that again, but since having N an early start is impossible due to the OH starting work at 5am and therefore having no-one to look after N.  Instead we make do with mooching in at around 8am where we’ve got enough space to take the buggy in and no queuing for the tills.

I did manage to get a VIP slot this year (how, I don’t know, as I usually only buy online during the sales – even though it winds me up that I tend to get my 10+ items delivered in 3 or 4 parcels over the next 2-8 weeks, and then in the meantime have been to stores and rebought some items not remembering what I’d ordered!), so was up at 7am on the Friday trying to find the items that I’d earmarked.  If you’re a novice Next sale shopper, there’s definitely ways of doing it – I guess everyone has their own methods.  Disappointed but not surprised on the womenswear, nothing on the menswear, but a few accessories and some lovely shorts ordered in readiness for a (hopeful) holiday in a few months and for next summer for N.

They’ve all arrived over the last few weeks and we’ve had fun opening the parcels and remembering what I’d ordered.  N seemed to like the bag (mmm, obsession with plastic bags – must stop that!), and his shorts.  I’m not sure that wearing them on his head is quite the way to go!

I tend to opt for colours which will last over the years, and are less obvious as an item from a certain ‘season’.  I think most other mums I know buy from the sales for the next season for their children…and there’s definitely a lot of people buying for boys age 2-3 (I know there was a baby boom 2010-2011 but I’m not sure that shops in general have realised this when they’re doing their ordering, as that’s the size that always seems short – maybe it’s just our area?!).

So sales are pretty much over…time to check out the Autumn lines and plan for winter requirements that we’ve not already got.

How do you shop for your children?

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