Newborn animals on the farm

Newborn animals on the farm in spring - Bubbablue and me

We’re rapidly approaching Summer, but it’s still spring like on the farm with new babies appearing by the day.  Both cattle and sheep are dragging out the usual lambing and calving season.  Usually lambing for our farm is March, with calving mainly from the end of January to early March.  Obviously the timings were a bit off this year, especially as there were a couple of calves born way back in September! Lambing Sheepwise, N’s 10 pregnant ewes were some… Continue Reading “Newborn animals on the farm”

My Sunday Photo – giraffe love

My Sunday Photo giraffes at Cotswold Wildlife park

We recently went to Cotswold Wildlife Park and for the first time walked up to the large animals enclosures.  The giraffes were a big draw, helped by the fact that these 2 were putting on a bit of a posing performance for the waiting public. I’ve never seen a giraffe so aware of visitors at a park, but these were doing a bit of ‘bottom leaning’, follow my leader, crossing their necks and other good poses.  This was my favourite… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – giraffe love”

The little dog whisperer

the little dog whisperer - Bubbablue and me

N loves dogs. In fact he loves the animals on the farm in general, wanting to help out, going to speak to the cows at the fence, looking at the piglets.  It always amuses me that if I take him to a farm park though, he won’t join in with feeding the animals at all. There’s always dogs on the farm and most are for working purposes.  My father in law has a pretty ancient black labrador who ventures out… Continue Reading “The little dog whisperer”

Chicken run – joining in the garden fun

The weather does seem to be a bit hit and miss at the moment, I think it’s now that April showers are now in May.  But we have had nicer evenings on the whole to get outside and play or chill out in the garden.  Well, N plays, and I get ordered around by him, telling me where to stand, where to go and when to follow where he’s cycling to. The other week N was outside as usual, playing… Continue Reading “Chicken run – joining in the garden fun”