Getting arty with Chalkola chalk pens – review and giveaway

Review of Chalkola pens, liquid chalk markers for non-porous surfaces, great for upcycling or crafts - Bubbablue and me

There’s something special about stationery, and in particular I love pens.  N has inherited this love because any new pens that I bring into the house, and he’s nosying trying to use them.  With the Chalkola chalk pens I was sent to review, I knew I’d struggle to keep him away. Chalkola are fairly chunky chalk markers which have ink that looks like chalk. They can be used on any non-porous material, including glass, metal, porcelain and more.  The variety of… Continue Reading “Getting arty with Chalkola chalk pens – review and giveaway”

What to put in a kids craft box for different ages

making a children's craft box - Bubbablue and me

We all know that children love to paint and make a mess getting creative, and that giving children the opportunity to do so is good for them. But it’s one of those activities that always takes time to set up, put away, clean up, and the need for different bits and pieces to craft with could be never ending. But really, keeping a small box of craft supplies doesn’t take that much effort, doesn’t cost a lot, and can be… Continue Reading “What to put in a kids craft box for different ages”

Hello Nature, hello grow, make, colour and draw book

Hello Nature book review

I’ve always said I’m not that creative although as I’ve got older it’s brought a realisation that creativity isn’t always about art and drawing, as it always seems to mean when you’re a child.  I’ve never been comfortable drawing doing art, although I’ll happily doodle a few shapes and patterns when I’m in meetings and a little bored. N on the other hand is a little boy who loves to write, draw and colour.  This love’s only come in the… Continue Reading “Hello Nature, hello grow, make, colour and draw book”

Wet weather activity – pottery painting at The Pottery Place

My heart always falls when the weather is horrendous and I’ve got a day planned to go out with N.  He’d probably not be too bothered about being out in the rain, but I’m not that keen.   So over the break I decided maybe we should give pottery painting a go. Now, of course you can do pottery (or glass) painting at home.  It can be pretty cheap if you just want to decorate a mug, plate, tile and you… Continue Reading “Wet weather activity – pottery painting at The Pottery Place”

Take one cardboard tube and teach vibration

N is obsessed with boxes as you may have seen from various photos on this blog over time.   But he’s got quite partial to junk modelling as well.  I don’t get many drawings home from school, but I get a lot of junk models….mostly just boxes stuck on top of each other. But the other week we had a more interesting play session making the most of some cardboard tubes we had.  It turned into a session on science and… Continue Reading “Take one cardboard tube and teach vibration”

Doodle drawer and preschool artwork

making a hanging picture with pipe cleaners

N’s never really been that keen on art work or doing crafts.  Over the last 6 to 9 months I’ve had more bits of paper brought home with drawings, paintings and scribbles on, but he’d still rather be playing outside. But the last couple of weeks I’ve been surprised at how much N’s wanted to make something.  That’s exactly what he calls it ‘Mummy, can I make something’.  And off he goes to the utility room to steal craft supplies… Continue Reading “Doodle drawer and preschool artwork”

A first in…face painting

tiger face paint

I’ve never done any face painting before, but last year there was a huge sale on at an online toy retailer and  I decided it might be worth buying the Snazaroo paints they had on sale. Now I’m not that artistic, drawing wise, but my theory was that if N had a party, someone would be able to do some face painting, rather than having to pay for them everywhere.  But until last week, we had no reason to get… Continue Reading “A first in…face painting”

Arty play

Today’s been a funny day.  Initially I had plans to take N to the nearby National Trust place for an Easter Egg hunt or swimming to make up for having no swimming for a few weeks, but morning plans failed when I remembered I had an ebayer coming to pick something up.  Instead a friend and her toddler had offered to come over and play (cheer me up). We failed at my promise to take the children down to the… Continue Reading “Arty play”