making a hanging picture with pipe cleaners

Doodle drawer and preschool artwork

N’s never really been that keen on art work or doing crafts.  Over the last 6 to 9 months I’ve had more bits of paper brought home with drawings, paintings and scribbles on, but he’d still rather be playing outside.

But the last couple of weeks I’ve been surprised at how much N’s wanted to make something.  That’s exactly what he calls it ‘Mummy, can I make something’.  And off he goes to the utility room to steal craft supplies from my craft drawers.  Or Doodle Drawers as he calls them, presumably from watching Mr Maker.

Last week, he wanted to do crafts 3 evenings on the trot. Usually he’ll sit snuggled with his dad if he’s in early from work.  But no, crafts were the order of the day.

crafting dinosaurs

He made a family of single googly eyed eggs…the mummy, daddy, boy and baby.  I’m hoping that doesn’t symbolise that he wants a baby sibling!

googly eyed egg creations

And has done a lot of sticking of stickers and (finger) stamping.

fingerprint stamping cards

He’ll quite happily sit and craft for ages, even if I’m not there with him, so I’m pleased that he’s got enough focus on something.  That should really help him prepare for school.

We’ve had the Hama beads out properly for the first time.  Blimey it’s fiddly, but great for fine motor skills (mine and N’s!)

making a Hama bead star

N has also discovered pipe cleaners make great hangers for pictures.  He’s been drawing and doodling, then tying pipe cleaners through the holes in the paper so he can hang up his artwork.

making a hanging picture with pipe cleaners

The most recent creation was painting his own canvas bag.  He’d been dragging the fabric paints out of the craft drawers, so I thought I may as well let him have a go.  I don’t know what it is about cherry and apple trees, but that’s what he said he was painting.  The same as when he decorated a t shirt  a while back.

painting a bag with fabric paints

I never really think of him as being particularly into arts and crafts, but he’s definitely making the most of it now.

What sort of crafty activities do your children like?  What’s the creation that you’ve loved the best?

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  1. It’s really wonderful to see young children who are willing to do some arts and crafts. You know, sometimes it’s tough to get them to sit still let alone drawing, crafting etc 🙂 So happy to see your son doing that in the pictures. It’s better to let the kids play around with different kinds of crafty activities with some guidance from adults. Their little creations could be something that beyond our imagination!

    1. Yes, it’s quite hard to get N to do crafts, but he does like to just do his own thing sometimes. As long as he doesn’t use fabric paint on the tablecloth again (wouldn’t come off – and under supervision of the OH), I’m fairly happy with that.

  2. Hi again,
    Only posted one on the blog here
    but I’ve made various instruments with bottle-tops, Smartietube pan pipes, using tubes. Have a look also at for some great ideas too! Used pringle tubes with kids at school etc. Will try to post more at some point!

    I’d be lovely for you to visit! I always appreciate friendly comments!

  3. Hi there! This is a lovely post. SO nice to hear about crafty children! My niece loves crafting with my sister too! She has her own box now.
    I like experimenting with making junk instruments but ones that MAKE a nice sound, not just look like instruments so that is always good fun!!
    Lovely to meet you as I am popping over from the BEDM link list as I would love to visit everyone to give a bit of support and say hi as a fellow participant! Tis very nice to meet you and I love this post! You’re obviously super busy with a young boy but if you wanted to say Hi, that’d be just lovely!

    1. Oh what a lovely comment Kezzie. Nice to meet another #BEDM – I’ve been very poor at supporting everyone else.

      Interesting to hear about your junk instruments. We love exploring music, so I shall have to have a look if they’re on your blog.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment.

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