Season of mists – what makes autumn?

what makes autumn great - Bubbablue and me

Keats called it the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’. It has 2 start dates – 1st September and after the Autumn Equinox near the end of the month. Autumn is pretty spectacular and has plenty of reasons why it’s so special,  including the fact that people born in autumn tend to live longer. I love autumn and it seems that everyone else seems to as well. Ok, maybe not the rain, gloomy evenings drawing in, and having to wear… Continue Reading “Season of mists – what makes autumn?”

Autumn colours in a walk at National Trust’s Stowe

gothic temple at Stowe

We’ve been striding through the National Trust handbook to all the local places near us, and last week returned to Stowe.  The last time we went was in early 2014, so a lot longer ago than I realised. This time I thought N might have wanted to do the halloween trail but of course not…instead we just followed round some of the other children to see the pumpkins that they were spotting as part of the trail. It was a… Continue Reading “Autumn colours in a walk at National Trust’s Stowe”

Bonfire Night at the Farm

I love bonfire night, having remembered great village events as a child and then the wonderful firework displays set to music at Lancaster Castle when I was at university in the city. Now we live outside several villages and before N was born, we never really went to firework displays.  Instead we used to watch from the house as we could see lots in different directions. Last year we took N to the local school firework display at our nearby… Continue Reading “Bonfire Night at the Farm”

Growing up on a farm and Autumn work

nosy sheep

Growing up on a farm can be a wonderful life.  There’s so much to experience, lots of people coming and going and of course great views and lots of outdoor life.  Especially in the summer, N is able to get outdoors after nursery and play in the garden without any effort from me, in the winter when it’s much gloomier it takes a lot more effort. At my 6th form there were a few students in my year who were from… Continue Reading “Growing up on a farm and Autumn work”

Getting back into the swing of nursery school routine

nursery school lunch box

I’m presuming by now that all children of school age or nursery are back to school?  For us, it really shouldn’t feel like we’ve gone back to nursery.  N’s nursery school closed for the summer as it’s term time only, but he was still in day nursery his standard days, plus the additional days that he would usually be at nursery school in.  Even though we’ve done the whole summer (with a week and a few odd days off), it… Continue Reading “Getting back into the swing of nursery school routine”

When the clocks go back

sleeping beauty

Any of my readers from overseas probably wonder what all the fuss is about come Autumn and Spring when blogs and twitter feeds are full of parents muttering about the changing clocks in the UK.  Yes, if you missed it, last weekend we had the clocks go back an hour. As the saying goes, Spring forward, fall back. So an extra hour in bed…in theory. I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone profess to have a foolproof solution to making children… Continue Reading “When the clocks go back”