This boy says no to Disney films

I am partial to watching the occasional Disney films.  Back in our 6th form we used to watch Beauty and the Beast quite frequently – it was one of 5 videos we had in our girls house.  And the classics are classics for a reason. (*post contains affiliate links) But N will not watch them.  There’s no love for Disney movies when it comes to N. Well, I tell a lie, he’ll watch Jungle Book.  But that is the only… Continue Reading “This boy says no to Disney films”

6 year old – all about hugs and kisses, love and hearts

Caring kids and all about hugs and kisses - Bubbablue and me

I loved N at 5 years old, but at 6 he’s coming into his own and really is a loving little boy.  My brother was the same as a boy, really loving and caring with our mum, whereas I always held myself at a bit of a distance, hating hugs and kisses. But N is one of those caring boys.  His generosity with hugs and kisses probably goes further than it should.  Definitely at school with teachers and TAs, with… Continue Reading “6 year old – all about hugs and kisses, love and hearts”

Get boys comfortable with dance – inspired by Motionhouse

breaking down dance barriers and inspiring boys - Bubbablue and me

I love dance. So much so that I’ve set up my dance blog to get the word going and try and encourage other people who debate about starting dance but don’t dare. My route back to dancing is a little sporadic during the summer – having a husband who works all hours 7 days a week during harvest and a 5 year old who needs babysitting, isn’t conducive to dancing twice a week. But it’s my passion and it’s great… Continue Reading “Get boys comfortable with dance – inspired by Motionhouse”

Rough and tumble – in the wars

riding the escalator in Marks and Spencer

As a baby, I never really thought N got hurt very often.  Even as a toddler and being at nursery, there were only a couple of times he got bangs and bruises.  Until his first couple of weeks in school he’d never needed a plaster (and even that time, I’d probably have not bothered for a grazed knee). Ok, so he’d fallen down the stairs a couple of times – playing near, turning round and not concentrating probably being the… Continue Reading “Rough and tumble – in the wars”

The Gallery: Boys

The gallery theme over at Sticky Fingers is Boys. We’ve only got one boy, but he’s an absolute star.  He’s really cheerful, easily distracted, and is a typical boy liking wheels and everything outdoors.  Although not so keen on getting messy. The other day during our minimal sunshine, he got chance to get outside without his coat on, so loved running off. If you want to check out any of the other pictures, you can find them over at Sticky… Continue Reading “The Gallery: Boys”