This boy says no to Disney films

I am partial to watching the occasional Disney films.  Back in our 6th form we used to watch Beauty and the Beast quite frequently – it was one of 5 videos we had in our girls house.  And the classics are classics for a reason. (*post contains affiliate links) But N will not watch them.  There’s no love for Disney movies when it comes to N. Well, I tell a lie, he’ll watch Jungle Book.  But that is the only… Continue Reading “This boy says no to Disney films”

Make believe with Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Blade Hero toy

Planes 2 rescue helicopter toy review - Bubbablueandme

While N’s not fussed about cars when playing at home, and is only just getting into Disney films, he is partial to playing with aeroplanes; we were looking forward to receiving a Disney Planes Fire & Rescue Blade Hero toy to review. When N spotted the box, he was straight in there, asking his dad to get the helicopter out.  This set features Disney Pixar’s Blade Ranger helicopter, from the Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue range. Joining him in the… Continue Reading “Make believe with Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Blade Hero toy”

Introducing films to children – Disney and more

Until we went on holiday in October, N had never watched a film all the way through.  He could just about sit still for the 30 minutes of a Tractor Ted dvd, and had managed to watch 40 minutes or so or Rio (and had never seen the end because he always wanted to start it again from the beginning).  But a proper film, animated or otherwise was a no no. Obviously I don’t want him to be a tv-head,… Continue Reading “Introducing films to children – Disney and more”