Easter Egg hunt at Upton House

Easter egg hunt at Upton House- Bubbablue and me

It’s been a while since I’ve been to our nearby National Trust property, Upton House. And a few years since I took N for a Cadbury easter egg hunt there. The first time we took N’s youngest cousin with us, and this time we invited him along too.  At 8 he’s still willing to look for Easter eggs, and he and N always love being out and about together. With my family membership I could get the nephew in too,… Continue Reading “Easter Egg hunt at Upton House”

Home, farm and garden play – Ezy Roller play


I had grand plans for the Easter weekend.  I’d taken the Thursday off work to tie in with N being off nursery, so had planned going to National Trust properties, doing various Easter events/trails and the like. Instead, N decided on Thursday morning that he would be wearing pants.  So, it’s great that he’s finally decided that he’s going to wear pants all the time, but not very great for our activities and my cabin fever/boredom levels.  I hate being… Continue Reading “Home, farm and garden play – Ezy Roller play”

Post Easter fun

Bubbablue and me avatar

Today we had our post Easter NCT get together.  Now I’m back working full time, it’s not often I get to see everyone, so it’s great to be able to catch up and also for N to be with his friends. It’s great to see them interact, and now they’re actually starting to play together.  Elefun* was a favourite game today – lots of laughing, and surprisingly no fights over the 2 nets.  It seemed four of them playing managed… Continue Reading “Post Easter fun”