Is it ever a good idea to remortgage?

thoughts on a remortgage

Remortgaging is something that has grown in popularity in the UK in recent times, and indeed around a third of home loans that are approved these days are actually remortgages. But what exactly are the benefits, and why are so many homeowners inclined to go down this route? As commitments go, other than raising a family, buying a home and paying a mortgage is about as significant as it gets. Indeed, the average UK mortgage is now in the region… Continue Reading “Is it ever a good idea to remortgage?”

10 ways to be a savvy student while still having fun

10 ways to be a savvy student - Bubbablue and me

I loved being a student. In fact, I just loved studying and school in general, so it didn’t occur to me not to go to uni.  I was the first in our family to go to uni to study for a degree. I think going away was certainly helped by boarding at 6th form (ok, I was weird though because I went to 6th form at the private school in the village, and was a boarder in my upper 6th). … Continue Reading “10 ways to be a savvy student while still having fun”

Pocket money or wages for a four year old

carrying the milk bucket to feed the calf

N isn’t old enough yet to get proper pocket money. It’s obviously different for every child, but we’ll probably do similar to what my mum did and agree that he can get pocket money on the assumption that he’s kept his room tidy (it’s not looking optimistic for the future at the moment!) and he helps out around the house doing the usual things like putting his stuff in the dishwasher and helping put clothes away etc.  Anything essential he… Continue Reading “Pocket money or wages for a four year old”

Losing the luxuries in times of need

little luxuries

With my brother and I having been brought up by our mum alone, after our dad died when we were young, we were always taught to be careful with money.  My mum was a stickler for saving and only spending within her means, and that rubbed off, even though we both like to spend in our own way.  After she died and we cleared out my mum’s wardrobe though, I was astonished to see how many clothes still had labels… Continue Reading “Losing the luxuries in times of need”

A little pot of gold and silver – saving for children

I’m big on saving.  I think it stems from my childhood, when my mum brought us up on her own after my dad died.  She was always careful with money, and ensured we had savings accounts that were used specifically for bigger important items that we needed to save for. We used to get pocket money (as my brother and I got older it was tied with chores and a ‘tidy bedroom’ contract), but it was nothing like the amounts… Continue Reading “A little pot of gold and silver – saving for children”

It’s all about the money

money money money

It’s getting to that time of year when I like to get my backside in gear and sort out my accounts.  That’s my savings accounts rather than business accounts, although this year I will need to do this as well for the first time (scary).  I’m a bit obsessed with moving around my money and making sure I continue getting a good deal, and now we’ve got Nathaniel it’s more important than ever. I’m a big fan of Martin Lewis’… Continue Reading “It’s all about the money”