Prettiest vintage style egg cups and giveaway

vintage farmhouse style egg cups - Bubbablue and me

*Contains affiliate links We’re split in our house over eggs. The OH isn’t a fan unless they’re fried (due to having kept chickens in barns years ago on the farm), but N and I are big fans and would eat them in any format as often as possible.  I love my egg boiler which makes 7 eggs at a time so perfect for preparing soft boiled in one go if we’ve friends to stay. We’re a bit slapdash how we… Continue Reading “Prettiest vintage style egg cups and giveaway”

Easy Easter egg decorating ideas

ideas for decorating easter eggs with Sharpies - Bubbablueandme

We don’t really do a big celebration at Easter.  N gets a few eggs from family, and there’s a big family meal.  Then we try and get out somewhere locally if the weather’s good.  We don’t decorate the house either, but last year I decorated eggs for the first time.  This year I’d been planning to try naturally dyed ones again, as well as using lace to dye a pattern, but decided to opt for an easier method, ie Sharpies.… Continue Reading “Easy Easter egg decorating ideas”