Spring walk and running races in the park

Spring park walk - Bubbabue and me

Like most children, N loves the simple things in life. Just going to the park so he can ride his bike or scoot and he’s happy.  The other day he requested a park trip, so we headed there for a spring walk, with me hoping I’d get to photograph blossom. I was disappointed there wasn’t more blossom in our local park.  Just the one lopsided bush amongst the boughs of a tree.  Other people walking past must have thought me… Continue Reading “Spring walk and running races in the park”

Mottisfont – an outdoor National Trust visit

A winter visit experience at National Trust Mottisfont for family fun - Bubbablue and me

With National Trust membership, I always feel like we should make the most of it whenever we’re away. So on our February break in the New Forest, we stopped at Mottisfont on the way home. N wasn’t impressed at doing another National Trust visit, but given I’d taken him to Peppa Pig World he owed me!  Once he knew there would be lunch boxes and water involved, he was happy.  He even told me to get out my camera to… Continue Reading “Mottisfont – an outdoor National Trust visit”

Canal walks and chasing the combine harvester

chasing the combine harvester

We spend a lot of time going out and about.  Well, just outside in general although I do admit that much of the time at home it’s N going out on the farm with his dad rather than me going out with him.  We do spend a bit of time in the garden too.  I also take N to lots of interesting places on day trips or longer visits. But sometimes simpler works just as well as a day out.… Continue Reading “Canal walks and chasing the combine harvester”

A walk in the park and by the canal

walk in the park and canalside fun - Bubbablue and me

This autumn and now winter, the weather seems to be all over the place.  One minute it’s mild and you don’t need a coat, the next it’s bitterly cold and there’s flooding and gales everywhere.  While the north of the country and Scotland are suffering with flooding, we’ve definitely been lucky with just the gales and some rain, but nothing too damaging – just a 14 foot trampoline which has flown across the garden and got impaled on the fence.… Continue Reading “A walk in the park and by the canal”

Farm animal ownership at the age of four

cows on the farm

Being a farmer’s son it would take a lot to put off a child from being a farmer.   Dad worship, uncle worship and just living on the farm and seeing what’s going on is obviously a big draw for young children. I wish N was more like his youngest cousin who likes the farm, but doesn’t spend every spare hour on it.  Unfortunately he’s more like cousin number 3 who’s on the farm at any opportunity when he’s not in… Continue Reading “Farm animal ownership at the age of four”

Old skool frisbee fun with family

family frisbee fun

Last weekend was one of the coldest of the autumn so far, but that didn’t stop N wanting to get outside and play. I’d been telling him to stay off the grass because it was just too wet to be driving his gator round, but he got so excited later in the day to see his uncle turn up, that playing outdoors was too much of a lure.  So much so, that he forgot he’d wanted to go out on… Continue Reading “Old skool frisbee fun with family”

A solo autumn walk at Wroxton Abbey

Wroxton Abbey

It’s getting to the stage now where N wants to be on the farm all the time at weekends. I’m still pushing for him to have a day on the farm and a day out somewhere with me.  But if he’s out and about on the farm early, I’ve not got much say in getting him back to come out where I’d planned.  Roll on the shoot season, then we’ll have Saturdays after swimming to do our own thing because… Continue Reading “A solo autumn walk at Wroxton Abbey”