Motherhood: the mum and son relationship

mum and son selfie at Geronimo

While it’s noticeable how much N loves his dad for certain things – bear hug cuddles, play fighting, going out and working on the farm, having a bath while his dad showers – motherhood is very different thanks to the mother and son relationship. Someone I know once said about her son ‘I’m never letting him go’.  Maybe that’s a little strong given that one day they’ll be leaving home to study or work, having girlfriends or wives and moving… Continue Reading “Motherhood: the mum and son relationship”

Fun with Daddy – madness and frolics

So, we wear a lot of navy blue in our house!

Boys and their dads. There’s a certain type of relationship, although it’s always reassuring to know that even if N hurts himself when playing with his dad, it’s always me he wants to go to for cuddles. With N’s dad, he always wants to try and teach N cheeky things. We’ve had the bottom wiggle.  N’s only dance move, always good in the middle of a shop when they’re playing music, or at nursery when they’ve got the music on.… Continue Reading “Fun with Daddy – madness and frolics”