So, we wear a lot of navy blue in our house!

Fun with Daddy – madness and frolics

Boys and their dads.

There’s a certain type of relationship, although it’s always reassuring to know that even if N hurts himself when playing with his dad, it’s always me he wants to go to for cuddles.

With N’s dad, he always wants to try and teach N cheeky things.

We’ve had the bottom wiggle.  N’s only dance move, always good in the middle of a shop when they’re playing music, or at nursery when they’ve got the music on.

Along with the high five (also done at swimming when they’ve just done well at an activity), N’s also learnt ‘respect’ with a fist knock.  Hmm, not quite a sign I want him to go round doing, but hopefully he’ll keep it within the family!  Or grow out of it.

He’s also been teaching him to appreciate pretty girls.  Or to be honest, probably just any girls, as I’m not sure N understands the phrase ‘pretty girls’.

To date, we have:

‘Hello gawjus’, and it does appear to be gawjus rather than gorgeous.  Cringe!

‘You’re totty’.  Nothing like a bit of derogatory terminology.  I’m sure you’ll really attract the girls with that one!

‘Whit woo’ for a bit of a whistle.  Lovely, his dad’s turning N into someone I’m sure all parents would love their daughters to avoid.

All I can say, is hopefully N will get bored of it soon, and grow out of it.  Phew

They do have a ‘tickle button’ thing going on though, which is really cute.  N gets asked where his tickle buttons are and then they have a tickling session.  It’s very definitely their thing, and lots of laughter goes on when they’re tickling and mucking around.

So, we wear a lot of navy blue in our house!

The only downside is that there’s quite often bumps followed by crying when Daddy and N are playing.

What things do your children get ‘taught’ by relatives or grown up friends who should know better?

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