Family visits

We don’t get to see my nan that frequently.  Well, my mum does (it’s my dad’s mum rather than hers) her duty and regularly visits, takes her shopping & out for lunch, but as my nan never goes out any more on her own, doesn’t drive etc, it makes life hard for me to get to see her…it was hard pre-baby when I was working full time, so now I’ve got N, it’s even harder as she’s over an hour’s drive away.

We took N to meet her back when he was 3 months old (not sure she liked him once he started getting grotty as he wanted milk and a sleep); the last visit a month or so ago was cancelled as N was ill, so yesterday was the time for our visit.

It is funny to see him there.  I think he’s a bit confused at first…strange old woman who whitters on at him, pulls faces.  She has a lot of glass ornaments and interesting units to pull himself up on, so my mum and I were permanently ready to grab him before he grabbed things he shouldn’t.  He didn’t embarrass himself by throwing his sandwiches everywhere and didn’t vomit over her carpet which he has a tendency to do when he’s clambering everywhere.  She loves seeing him – my next job is to print off some photos for her then she can see how he grows.

So that’s our visit for this year.  When I’m back at work next year it’s going to be so hard to organise – sitting in traffic for 3 hours for a 2 hour visit on a weekend when I’ll spend so little time with N post work seems like a lot of effort.  I guess it sounds ungrateful when I still have a grandparent, but it would be time we could spend with the OH, and have a much more enjoyable and less ‘hard work’ time.

Do you see your grandparents frequently?

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