Take one cardboard tube and teach vibration

N is obsessed with boxes as you may have seen from various photos on this blog over time.   But he’s got quite partial to junk modelling as well.  I don’t get many drawings home from school, but I get a lot of junk models….mostly just boxes stuck on top of each other. But the other week we had a more interesting play session making the most of some cardboard tubes we had.  It turned into a session on science and… Continue Reading “Take one cardboard tube and teach vibration”

How to paint your own reusable bag

How to and what you need to paint your own canvas reusable bags - Bubbablueandme

While I do have a great stock of (rapidly depleting) carrier bags in the larder, I am pretty good about going out shopping with my reusable bags.  I usually have the canvas bags popped in my handbag, and have them in the car and strewn around the house.  They are really handy if I’m nipping out with N for an appointment and need to take some books or toys out with us, or if I’m doing a bit of a… Continue Reading “How to paint your own reusable bag”

Clothing children with handmedowns or swishing

handmedown clothes - Bubbablueandme

When we were children, handmedowns were quite normal.  Being the eldest with a brother, there wasn’t many of my clothes passed down (apart from maybe jeans because I always had boys jeans for a few years anyway), but I was always given handmedown clothes from family friends with either older or bigger girls.  A classic was a pink slightly padded anorack, a pink jumpsuit and a yellow block tracksuit.  All very 80s and pretty horrendous really. Now I have N.… Continue Reading “Clothing children with handmedowns or swishing”

Losing the luxuries in times of need

little luxuries

With my brother and I having been brought up by our mum alone, after our dad died when we were young, we were always taught to be careful with money.  My mum was a stickler for saving and only spending within her means, and that rubbed off, even though we both like to spend in our own way.  After she died and we cleared out my mum’s wardrobe though, I was astonished to see how many clothes still had labels… Continue Reading “Losing the luxuries in times of need”

My health, hair and beauty essentials from Chemist Direct

Chemist Direct health and beauty products

I’m a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to hair and beauty essentials.  No, that’s not quite true, with shampoo I do tend to switch between a few brands, and try out some new ranges when they’re out.  But on the whole I have a range of essentials that I stick to.  I was given the opportunity to check out Chemist Direct so decided to pick up some of my health, hair and beauty essentials. Chemist Direct… Continue Reading “My health, hair and beauty essentials from Chemist Direct”

Summer ready, shorts galore

Gap childrenwear bargains

I love spring, and we’re most definitely now in it.  Sod that the equinox hasn’t been and gone yet, meteorologically, March equals spring.  So that means new clothes, lighter, brighter clothes, and sales shopping. Admittedly, I’m waiting until I lose some more weight (it was going well, but has slowed a bit in the last week or two) before I buy lots of nice clothes for me, but N needs shorts and summer trousers so I can still go shopping. … Continue Reading “Summer ready, shorts galore”

Saving the pennies for family treats with current accounts

Saving the Pennies for family treats Bubbablueandme

I’m a bit of a saver and a cheapskate when it comes to money.  Yes I like a bit of luxury (if I’ve saved my money or got a bargain on a nice item I’ve researched for ages), but I like to try and make my money go further.  However, I’ve had my current account since I was 17 and going off to uni, and I’m loathed to change it even though I get nothing for having it. However the… Continue Reading “Saving the pennies for family treats with current accounts”

Tips on having a successful car boot sale – as a buyer

successful car boot sale tips

If you’re planning on selling at a car boot sale and want some tips, then do go and check out my post on car boot sale tips for sellers.  It was a mammoth post, so now it’s time for some tips for buyers. Get there early.  Dealers are there for when sellers arrive, and if you want to get the first look at items, you need to get there early.  If you’re just going on the off chance for a wander round,… Continue Reading “Tips on having a successful car boot sale – as a buyer”

What to sell at a car boot sale and be successful

successful car boot sale tips

I mentioned the other week that my brother and I had done a car boot sale.  Neither of us had done one for a while, although I do occasionally drop in for a bit of a nosy round in case I spot books or games for N.  But we needed to start clearing out our mum’s house so we don’t get to the end of Summer and just have to store or skip everything. It was a case of working… Continue Reading “What to sell at a car boot sale and be successful”

Pound shop cosmetic bargains

Rimmer pound shop eye make up

I have to admit that I don’t tend to wear much make up, although I do wear it every day.  Even when I was on maternity leave, even on non-working days, I still wear foundation, concealer and powder. I used to add mascara every day until a year ago, but after a lot of problems with styes, chalzaeons and conjunctivitis which I’d never suffered from before, I don’t tend to wear it unless it’s an occasion or I’ve an important… Continue Reading “Pound shop cosmetic bargains”