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The end of year 5 school days

July, the last month of the school year, and it’s been quite a spectacular one. With Covid rules, pretty much a full term of remote learning, and our school’s mini bubbles to help even further, it’s been an odd year. But N’s coped really well and done brilliantly in Year 5. 

From being awarded Prefect, to the end of year assessments, hitting where he needed to get to (and well over in maths). From loving hockey to being a horse in one of their ‘mini’ sets of their class performance. He’s taken part and for the most part enjoyed it. The school has done a great job of trying to let the children experience as much as they can that’s normal despite there being no residential this year.

Here’s what the last month of Year 5 has brought.


N has absolutely loved hockey this year. I laugh because it’s usually played on the playground with plastic sticks, but he’s looking forward to playing more when he’s in Year 6. He did come home one day having somehow managed to trip over his friend’s hockey stick, and had grazed knees (and now shiny pink ones) for a while.

The Euros was obviously a big talking point at school. They all did a sweepstake (he ha Austria), and although N isn’t usually that big a football fan, he really got into the discussions. They always wear red and white on England match days (or a choice of your country’s kit) which he loves. Their maths work also had quite a few Euros and football themed problems which sounded really fun. It brought their maths much more to life.

Long division

One week N came home and announced that the next day the year 5s would be taught long division, and that this was the first time their teacher had taught it to year 5s. He was so chuffed with the whole year group, and yes the next day he came home with long division homework. I even vaguely remembered learning the same method back in my day at primary school. 

N’s maths has always been his strong point, but this year he flew in the end of year assessment – it’s looking good for his SATs next year.

School report and parents evening

I don’t think we could have had a much better school report. Ok, he needs to do more reading  -we know that, even though he just won’t do it. But he’s as expected for reading and writing, his reading is at a higher level than his age – although his comprehension and spelling are a bit behind. Just drives me mad that if he read more it would probably help both of these areas.

The comments made about the type of child he is were great, and it was topped off by the hockey coach telling me what a lovely boy he is, and how she really enjoys teaching him. That’s always nice to hear, and I’m very proud of the young man he’s becoming.

Gold target

He was gutted to have missed the platinum target level by around 3-4 targets. If he’d not been off school so much with tonsillitis, it might have made the difference. But he was still pleased to have got the gold award again.

Interviewing for takeover day

Each year the year 6s can apply to become a staff member for takeover day. This year, due to bubbles, there were limited roles, but the year 5s got to interview them for the positions. N took it very seriously and was very sure of why his group asked certain questions and who was right for the job.  Next year he’ll need to decide whether he’ll try for one of the roles.

Class 4 performance

N doesn’t enjoy drama, so he wasn’t impressed when he knew they would be putting on a summer performance. I had to find him a horse costume – cue grey trousers, grey (inside out) t shirt, woollen tail and grey homemade hood with a mane down plus ears (which stood up better than I expected). I had a big webinar day and meeting on the day of the performance, so couldn’t make his group’s play slot. The school did drive in arrival for set slots, with set seating areas to watch it outside. I don’t think many parents from his group could make it but I did ask a friend if she could take a photo so I could see the costume, so I do have a photo.

Garden party

Usually parents are invited to the garden party, but obviously this year it was the children only. They all had to take in picnic snacks, wore smart clothes and were entertained by the school musicians. N came home and was very complimentary of 3 sets of the pianists. One of his friends played Dance Monkey evidently which was totally recognisable. 4 from his class were playing together which he liked. And one boy was excellent with his solo. I was pleased that he was able to enjoy more ‘classical’ music when usually he wouldn’t be so excited by it. Obviously the choir couldn’t sing this year either, so I expect it was a much quieter event than usual.

Sleep in

As their residential had to be cancelled, the school tried to include lots of fun alternatives. One was a sleep in / takeaway / film night for N’s class. Not many kids get to sleep in at a primary school. We dropped them off early evening, complete with camp beds. They’d had an earlier vote for pizza flavours, but then changed to burgers as they could get them delivered. N raved about the chicken bacon burger he had. And he was pleased he got extra chips. 

They played outside, then watched a film, before going off to their different sleeping areas, depending on their year group and bubble. The year 5 boys were sleeping in the hall. Not that much sleep went on. N reckoned he slept from about 11.30, then woke around 4.40am. Continental breakfast, then football and rounders before pick up. N was a tad tired (I dragged him into town for something after I picked him up), then he had a 2 hour nap.

It was great the teachers were willing to do this and make it work with the bubbles.

Ready for overnight trip away

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Trips galore

The final few days of school had a lot of trips. Four days of trips for N’s class.

The first day they visited an allotment in town for a talk, then went to an 80s exhibition in the towm museum (which I was quite jealous of). They then ended up with a picnic and play in a park. Apart from being very hot, N enjoyed it.

A trip to Upton House was next for them. It was a rush dropping him off at 10 with a big launch online webinar at 10.30 to get back for. Another hot day, but they spent it doing lots of activities. 

Two final days, and it was a whole school trip with N’s class getting to camp out overnight there, coming back on the last day. His rucksack* was rather large and full, with his sleeping bag hanging off. I picked him up and he seemed a little shell shocked, but nowhere near as tired as he’d been the previous week after their sleep in. They had a good bbq, did lots of activities like orienteering, and den building. Made amazing s’mores (N doesn’t usually like melted marshmallows but he’s a convert when using chocolate digestive biscuits). He was in a tent with the other year 5 boys, and said he slept ok, waking early then going back to sleep before the teacher had to wake him and another boy up. It did rain in the night and the tent leaked, so he had a wet sleeping bag and bag. 

It’s been a really full month, and with it being another challenging year mixing remote learning with in school, I think N’s ready for the summer holidays. 

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  1. It sounds like a great year for your son despite all the upheaval. You must be very proud.
    My youngest girls year did a sweepstake with the Euros and she got Scotland and had great fun cheering them on when we were playing them.

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