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Trendy Thursday – thrifty GAP bargains

I’ve been so looking forward to this week’s Thrifty Thursday.  Not because N’s been sporting spring and summer clothes (although it does remind me that I need to check if he’s got any shorts from last year that still fit, and buy some for this year), but because I’ve been snaffling up some great bargains this week.

New season clothes are in the shops, and that means sales galore in the run up to the good weather.  I do tend to keep a watch out for special sales weeks for N as I hate to pay full price for him, but they’re a great way to stock up for the new season.  Or if like me you buy clothes a size in advance to put away in the cupboard (I reckon you get more wear out of them then, rather than getting them half way through a growth spurt or season), then perfect to add to the wardrobe as well.

I’m a big fan of GAP clothes for N, and for me although I do find it hit and miss for myself sometimes.  I’m not so keen on the prices, but if you’re not signed up as a VIP or online user, then get over there now as signing up usually gets you a discount code to use initially.  And signing up to the VIP discounts means 30% off events throughout the year.

I dropped into GAP the other day to check it out (boo, I didn’t find anything for me as the jeans I wanted weren’t in my size to try on – might have to order online and hope for the best).  I like the fact you can either print off the voucher, or just show it on your phone.  At the moment there did seem a lot of blue in for boys, but that doesn’t worry me as I love blue and it does look good on N.  As a bonus, because I’d bought more than 4 items, I got a further 10% off.  The GAP 30% off weeks usually have additional bonuses each day to try and encourage you into store, so if you live or work near one, it’s worth checking out which day you want to buy which items if you’re stocking up.

Here’s what I bought:

Gap boys clothes bargain

1 pair chinos, 1 jumper, polo shirt, 2 t shirts (one long, one short sleeved), and a pair of chino shorts.  Original selling price was around £85 (the trousers were already on a special price), and I ended up paying just under £45.  Very pleased with the haul, and I know that N will have the shorts for this year, and the rest for into next winter and after.

In addition, today I nipped into M&S as I’d noticed they had a sale on for up to 50% off.  Again, I didn’t find anything for me, but was pleased to see that they now have Autograph for children in store, and that the items I’d spotted for N the other day were reduced.  Annoyingly I forgot to use my store credit note I had, but it was still a bargain for the cool items I picked up.  It’s not often I find clothes for N in Marks & Spencer as there’s either nothing in his size, or it’s just not my cup of tea, but I loved the jumpers.

M&S Autograph boys clothes bargains

Also point of note on the socks, which a colleague advised me of, is that on the inside cuff, the size is written.  So if you have family members who all wear the same type of socks, you know whose belong to who when doing washing.  Brilliant idea!

N’s been wearing a right mix of things recently as he’s now getting stroppier when I pick things for him to wear.  I have to make sure there’s a choice and sometimes do a bit of negotiation.

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  1. I love Baby Gap – but sadly the quality really declines when you reach the older years. They don’t seem to be doing well – everything is always 30%-70% off!

    1. I think the actual quality is ok, just the styles can be a bit off unless you’re just after a hoodie. I don’t like their women’s tees though – they always get holes in and are quite thin.

  2. High five for the bargain buys!! I do exactly the same. . Raid the sales! Sale racks are always the first place that I visit when in store/on line! But then you’ll find me heading straight to the reduced section the moment I enter the supermarket as well!

    1. I don’t really do January sales apart from online, but I like the ones throughout the year, as they’re less busy and less messy. It’s so satisfying to find something you really wanted with money off.

    1. Going through the wardrobes is a bit of a pain. I need to clear out for next Friday as his nursery are doing a textiles charity collection in aid of the nursery. Reckon I can fill 2 bags with my stuff, while I pass his on to my best friend

  3. Fantastic bargains Emma! I’ve not been in GAP for ages. I always love their socks for the boys though. They stay on well and wash well.

    I must sign up as a VIP. I’ve not bothered before but it sounds worth it. Especially if you can show the voucher on your phone. I don’t have a printer..

    Thanks for joining in again 🙂 x

    1. My printer never works, and my work is pretty much paper free so printing is frowned upon. I do rely on phone vouchers now, and more allow that which is good. Definitely sign up as the offers are good throughout the year.
      I used to have a baby gap socks, but not so keen on them now N’s older. I tend towards supermarket socks but spotted these in the sale which was good.

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