Toddlerisms 4: Rock child

I can’t remember whether I’ve previously mentioned that N is keen on rocking.  Obviously the influence of his dad’s music taste is stronger than mine, given I like music that I can either sing along to or dance to.  Although I do have eclectic taste, so when we’re cooking or baking, I do tend to put on the ipod and we’ll bop around the kitchen to whatever track’s playing.

The OH is more into rock.  He doesn’t like a lot of variety, tending to play only one or two records to death.  Guns n Roses has been pushed to the back of the queue; the Led Zeppelin dvd I got him for Christmas is still unopened and the current ongoing favourite is AC/DC Live at the River Plate.  He also likes to watch the dvd in the dark with the volume turne right up. Pah, not my cup of tea really, although at least I do know a few of the songs.

Initially it was a 30 minutes of film caught on the HD recorder which isn’t so bag, but that got N into rocking with dad after tea.  Now they also have the dvd, so we get longer stints of it occasionally.  Not forgetting when N decides that he wants to ‘rock’ during the day.

The ‘rocking’ sometimes even overtakes Tractor Ted in importance.

To give him a bit more of a boost during rocking occasions, I used some of my Top Cashback Amazon voucher to get him a toy guitar.  It’s brilliant, we like it as much as N.  He enjoys the rhythms and making the noise himself, but laughs even more when I play it and do the whole ‘air guitar’ over the top actions.  So want to get him on video in a good clip, but it’s proving difficult.

ELC toy guitar

Hopefully the ‘rocking’ won’t hit his hearing.  It certainly goes through my head, although I’m hoping he prefers a more ear friendly genre by the time he hits teenage years, given what my mother-in-law tells me about the OH’s top volume metal playing during his younger years.

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