Wasgij Christmas 7 - Christmas stuffing

Wasgij Christmas 7 – Christmas Stuffing solution

I’ve been working my way through Wasgij puzzles the last year or so, but there’s so many more still to find and do. I try and get them second hand when I can, and one I did a while back and haven’t shared was Wasgij Christmas 7 – Christmas Stuffing.

One of the Christmas range, it’s similar to the original range where you have to work out what one of the characters in the box image is viewing.  The mum has been cooking the Christmas dinner, but what’s she looking at?

Wasgij Christmas 7 - Christmas stuffing

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This Christmas Stuffing puzzle wasn’t as hard as I’ve found some of the older Wasgij puzzles. There’s plenty of different parts that are easy to put together, so there’s not lots of just one colour which gets a bit boring.

If you’re looking for the Christmas Stuffing solution, then scroll down.

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Wasgij Christmas stuffing puzzle solution

What’s been your favourite Wasgij puzzle to do?

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