Wasgij destiny 9 super models puzzle

Wasgij Destiny 9 Super Models puzzle solution

Like many people, my puzzling has slowed. I’m trying to sort out the back end of the blog, streamlining all the old  photos that have flipped the wrong way, and been catching up on reading. So I’ve had less time in the evenings to do as many puzzles. I’ve got a couple of Wasgij puzzles left in my to do pile though.  The latest one I completed was an old one Wasgij Destiny 9 Supermodels.

Wasgij destiny 9 super models puzzle

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The Wasgij Destiny puzzles have an end solution that shows what the box image may look like years later. Supermodels box image shows a holiday resort beauty pageant full of young wonem posing as they walk past the judges. To solve the puzzle you have to imagine what the future image would look like.

Sometimes the Destiny puzzles are a totally different setting, but this one is similar, just a few decades later. It meant this was quite a straightforward puzzle. I usually find the older Wasgij puzzles harder, but this one was fine.

Some of the favourite character appear again, and there’s some fun mini scenes in the final image.

If you need the puzzle solution, scroll down for the image and video.  You can also try my step by step guide to completing a Wasgij puzzle without help as well as all my other wasgij puzzle solutions

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wasgij destiny 9 supermodels solution

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Which Wasgij was your latest puzzle?

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