wentworth christmas puzzle review

Wentworth Christmas puzzle review – Oxford Street Shopping

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After last year trying Wentworth Christmas puzzles for the first time, I was sent another puzzle this year to try out. This time it was the 250 piece Oxford Street Shopping puzzle.

If you’ve not come across Wentworth puzzles before, they’re something a bit special. Rather than cardboard, they’re all wooden pieces.  They’re moving them from 3 to 4mm depth as well, so they will become even better quality.  Everything in the box is sustainable and long lasting – from the wooden puzzle pieces, to the fabric bag, and there’s no plastic involved with the packaging either.

wentworth christmas puzzle review

I usually do 1000 piece puzzles, so I can whizz through the Wentworth 250 pieces. They do take longer than standard jigsaw puzzles though because the pieces aren’t traditionally shaped.  They’re all cut into random shapes, plus they have whimsical pieces.

These whimsy pieces are really cute, pieces cut out in shapes of various items like buildings, Christmas trees, umbrellas. You can find them all – some of them with Christmas themes, and in this London scene puzzle I found London themed items like double decker buses.

whimsy double decker bus puzzle piece

The pieces slot in really cleanly, and obviously there’s no lifting of the edges because they’re solid and not card.

Apart from the whimsy pieces, the random shapes mean that there’s largely no easy to spot edge pieces. You can get so far, but you won’t always be able to see the edges. I find I have to choose areas of colours or specific items to place and piece together, rather than starting on the edges which is what I’d uusally do. Some people panic a bit doing these puzzles, but they’re straightforward after you’ve done a few. You just need to puzzle it by working on each area.

pile of went wroth wooden puzzle pieces (1)

I love the image of London’s Oxford Street shopping. It’s got the iconic London bus and taxi, the shoppers, the old buildings, and the Christmas lights in the snow.  It really makes me want to be out Christmas shopping, visiting London at this time of year getting ready for the season ahead.

oxford street shopping puzzle image

You can buy Wentworth Christmas jigsaw puzzles directly from the Wentworth website.

When do you start doing Christmas puzzles?

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