3 week meal plan week 10-12

3 week meal plan – week 10 to 12

As the lockdown continues, meal planning has got a bit more relaxed. 

I can’t be bothered with spending lots of time on it, and things move around day to day. The OH is moaning about ‘chicken again’ when it’s a roast, even though we’ve not had roast chicken for 3 weeks. As I always say, unless you’re taking over and doing the cooking, or give me some ideas of what you want to eat, then you get what I’ve planned. Because that’s what food we have in the house at that point in time, and that’s what I’ve organised for the time I have available to cook.

I’m still working on the theory that we’ll spread the protein type across the week, and try and do a pasta dish as well as at least one new recipe. N is quite open to trying new meals and they’ve mostly been a success which is great.

My keto diet has gone a bit to pots the last 3 weeks. I need to get back to it, but bread has called at lunch times. My evening meals I’ve largely kept to low carb so I just need to get back to better lunches. I can feel I’ve put on about half a stone, so I need to get that back off and continue towards my target. I’d hoped to reach it by our camping trip at the end of July. Both are now unlikely. But hopefully by my birthday in October, I’ll be well on the way.

3 week meal plan week 10-12

During the last few weeks, we’ve had some of our farm beef back to have in the freezer, as well as a big butcher’s order for everything else.

Here’s our last 3 weeks meal plan, plus a couple of the keto alternatives. Mostly I just remove the potatoes or pasta at least for my evening meal.

Week 10 meal plan

  • Sunday – steak, roasted veg and potatoes
  • Monday – macaroni cheese, garlic bread
  • Tuesday – cheese burgers with chips and salad
  • Wednesday – chicken and vegetable skewers, new potatoes and salad
  • Thursday – pork tenderloin in garlic and butter, mash potatoes and vegetables
  • Friday – pepperoni pizza, chips, garlic bread and salad. Keto alternative – fathead dough pizza
  • Saturday – ‘pizza chicken’ – chicken with cheese, tomato and basil sauce, pepperoni stuffed inside, with mozzarella on top, vegetables and new potatoes

Week 11 dishes

  • Sunday – roast beef, yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and veg
  • Monday – cold beef salad with jacket potatoes
  • Tuesday – burgers with chips and salad
  • Wednesday – bacon, tomato and pepper pasta 
  • Thursday – lemon chicken (bizarrely with new potatoes and veg, rather than rice because the OH is fussy)
  • Friday – gammon steaks with homemade potato wedges
  • Saturday – spaghetti bolognese

Week 12 meal options

  • Sunday – slow cooker pulled pork, hasselback new potatoes and veg
  • Monday – lasagne (put together by N with leftover bolognese)
  • Tuesday – leftover lasagne (I had leftover pulled pork and salad as there was only enough for two)
  • Wednesday – sausage casserole, mash and peas (I had cauliflower mash with mine)
  • Thursday – baked chicken stuffed with cream cheese and pesto.  I had chicken and vegetable korma
  • Friday – pizza  
  • Saturday – baked salmon with lemon

I’ve a few new ideas for the next week, and N’s new topic is the USA – one of the tasks is to make some American meals. Unfortunately I’d already done my food shop that week, so we’ll have to try something in future weeks.

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What’s on your meal plan this week?

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  1. I’ve been eating a lower carb bread every now and then liv life. It’s 3.8h crabs a slice but they are small. Having said that a sandwich of it fills me up.
    I am with you on the “you get what you are given” my whole house are rubbish with ideas of what to eat.

    1. Sandwiches are just so easy aren’t they, and keto bread is pretty rank. I need to get back to eggs and salads for lunch again.

  2. Your hubby sounds a fussy so and so. I feel lucky that my fella will eat 99% of what I put in front of him with no complaints.
    All of your meals sound great. It seems ages since we’ve had roast beef on a Sunday. I could just eat it now. x

  3. Ooh I haven’t had pork tenderloin in so long – got me feeling hungry! I love the idea of some American meals, if you have the items in you could make American fluffy pancakes?

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