Wasgij original 34 Piece of Pride puzzle solution

Wasgij Original 34 – Piece of Pride puzzle solution

Recently I’ve only really been able to buy the older Wasgij puzzles second hand, and new ones have been hard to track down. So I was pleased to spot one of the newer puzzles and snapped it up. Wasgij Original 34 is called Piece of Pride and is set at a Pride street party.

I love a puzzle that’s full of colour and there’s plenty in this jigsaw. With fun characters, outrageous outfits and hairdos, it really is all about the party atmosphere and celebrations.

Wasgij original 34 Piece of Pride puzzle solution

As with all the puzzles in the Original range, Piece of Pride is solved by thinking about what one of the characters in the puzzle might be seeing. There are as usual, a few hints on the box to help guide you.

Check out my step by step guide on How to solve a Wasgij puzzle.

If you need more help, then keep scrolling to see the solution below, and a video with more close ups.

wasgij piece of pride solution

You can buy Wasgij puzzles from Amazon or other puzzle sellers.

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What’s your favourite Wasgij?

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  1. I just finished my first WASGIJ? puzzle. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I love the JUMBO pieces. I preferred them in many ways to Ravensburger pieces. I did realize I don’t like doing the puzzle without the image. That is not the type of challenge I enjoy in puzzles. I would love to do another though, because I like the puzzle itself and I could always find the image online.

    1. They’re definitely a marmite type of puzzle. But yes, I like the quality of the pieces too. I didn’t really enjoy the first one I did but now I tend to do all puzzles without the image. Thanks for stopping by and commenting

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