red limousin calves out in the field

Project 52 2020 week 25 – Limousin calves

Another week of Project 52, another week of lockdown, well social distancing. We’re into week 25 of project 52, and this weekend is the summer solstice. Lockdown is loosening in week 13 with shops opening, and many outdoor tourist places like zoos. Not much has changed for us. We’re not going out and about, work is still from home, and N is still home schooling. His school are trying to make more space for children who can’t cope at home who aren’t in the 3 year groups to go in. But we’re fine here, and home school has gone well this week.

Here’s our week 25.

Sunday was a lazy day (just like all the others at the moment). We spend a bit of time outside with the dogs, and me trying out new video techniques. I’ve started using TikTok and am loving all the photography tips people on there. There’s so many things I want to try. Let me know if you’re on TikTok and I’ll come and find you there. I also baked a lime traybake. I refuse to do puddings apart from Saturdays and Sundays, so if I bake a cake or something at the weekend, it’ll last until at least midweek for after lunch or dinner.

Monday we were back at the kitchen table working again. This week was more productive than last week. N is back on form, so his school work focus was much improved, and he got through most things he was meant to (except the topic work which covered cooking american dishes). The limousin calves were moved from the hill and back into the field behind. Young calves are always nosy so I went out to see them and encourage them over. Some were getting very brave.

On Tuesday we had to do a sparrow rescue. So far, we’ve had 3 birds flap in and then out again over the last couple of months. How they get in through tiny gaps I don’t know, but they’re driving me nuts. We’ve had 2 down the aga chimney too, so I’m going to have to stop feeding and encouraging more into the garden. I have spotted the green woodpecker loitering on the fence again, but there’s more crows around too, which are a pain on the farm. The sparrow came in early, and N shouted me downstairs to help. It flew into one window, but then flew into the back room when I tried to grab it. We found it by the patio doors, so I caught it in a tea towel, and let it calm down for a bit. It had knocked itself on 2 different windows since flying in. Then we let it go outside and it flew off.

Wednesday was a really foggy early morning with dewy webs on the grass. N had requested chilli con carne for tea, so he defrosted the mince and helped cook it, before I split it into bolognese and chilli (the OH won’t eat the chilli). It was delicious and we had enough for 2 days, even with N’s second helpings.

I spent the afternoon keeping an ear and eye out for the puppy who is a thief. She’s had 2 watering cans from the overgrown ‘jungle’ grasses underneath the slide, the plastic hose wind up holder, a pogo stick, my big plastic flower pot (luckily it was empty), a gas camping stove half empty canister, and has been climbing under the BBQ to try and make off with the 2 camping stoves in their plastic cases. She’s obsessed.

Thursday not much happened. It’s been a pretty wet week on and off, so not much time spent outside. N wanted to take some selfies of him pulling faces behind me!

On Friday I finished my work and spent some time doing a bit of photography and videos. N was due to start his puppy training lessons today but it was rained off. Instead he started building a den in his room. I think he wants to sleep there but I’m worried he’ll get disorientated and bang his head in the night on his desk. I had my INR test again and despite me thinking it would have gone down (timing the test at the wrong time clashes at certain points in a woman’s cycle), it was in the middle of my good range. Yay. So no need to go back for another 4 weeks.

I also got the heads up from Mary at Over 40 and mum to one, that my local National Trust place is opening outdoors next week. I managed to get the last ticket next Saturday. N is pleased because it means he doesn’t have to go, and I’m hoping it’s a nice day and I can spend some time taking photos.

Saturday both N and I had a bit of a lie in. He’s finding he’s much more tied by the end of the week in lockdown compared with normal school weeks. Even though he’s doing a lot more exercise normally, he is doing school work and then going out on the farm sometimes. Maybe he’s going through a bit of a growth spurt, and developmental phase. He’s certainly asking a lot more questions than normal.

I made a cheesecake and southern fried chicken goujons which went down very well for tea. I did some jigsaw, and helped N extend his den. We also checked on the kittens and the calves that N is looking after. He’s also negotiated the ownership of another half a calf. He reckons that works out better than being paid (which he hasn’t been for the work he’s done!). Premier League football is now back on (and on tv), so we’re watching the first football we’ve seen since before lockdown.

This week’s photo is of the limousin calves coming over to meet me over the fence.

red limousin calves out in the field
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  1. That’s quite some haul for the puppy, a camping gas canister???? that must have taken some doing. I remember when we live in the country we always had birds and other small creatures in the house

  2. Poor thieving puppy must have been frustrated that you’ve discovered her stash. Great you managed to rescue the sparrow. Glad to hear you got the ticket for the National Trust property you wanted to visit, hope it went well ( was it supposed to be today? It’s been raining on and off all day).
    Your calves look beautiful.

    1. Yes, it was meant to be today, but it was tipping it down all morning and much of the afternoon here, so I didn’t go. Not much point as I wanted to take photos, and didn’t fancy walking in the wet.

  3. I’ve yet to venture on to TikTok although have seen a few TikTok videos shared on other social media channels. Glad you managed to rescue the sparrow. My in-laws once had an owl come down the chimney and had fun trying to rescue it. Love seeing dewy webs on the grass on foggy mornings. The list of things that the puppy has stolen made me chuckle although I am sure it must be very frustrating. Glad your INR levels were good this week. Love the photo of the calves. #project366

  4. I have avoided using TikTok so far, but I guess I can’t put it off forever. I love the photograph of the limousin calves, they are adorable. The puppy sounds very mischievous, I love their cheeky personalities.

  5. I think a calf is better than cash? no? Good to hear your results are okay and that school works is going well. I have avoided tick tock so far although I am not sure how much longer I can ignore it for.

  6. When I hear of Tiktok, I remember weird South Asian videos of teenagers doing weird things so its just creepy for me. Seems the calves are enjoying themselves. The sound of bolognese is making me hungry. Mischievous little puppy. Lovely cows. I made cheesecake too (however 3/4 of the mixture leaked out of the bottom of the tray

    1. Lol, hes tiktok has a lot of teens although I rarely see any of those. Once you watch videos and like or say not interested to them, it’ll just feed more of what you like.

  7. Oh those calves are adorable!

    Oh I have had to rescue a bird too…but mine was brought it by the cat!

    Glad the INR test went well

  8. Aww, the calves are so cute, that is a fantastic photo. Sounds like you and N have both had a really good week. The bird rescue does sound a bit dramatic. xx

  9. So glad to hear N is feeling much better and on form this week! I expect this glorious weather will be helping too!
    My daughter is a huge fan of TikTok and is forever making videos, it drives me insane as each video seems to use the same tune every time! What a fab capture of the limousin calves, they were certainly very brave! Hope you have a fantastic time at your local National Trust estate this weekend and fingers crossed for the weather! Sim x

  10. Aww the calves are so cute ! Sounds like you’re doing great at home, so I don’t blame you for turning down the school offer. It’s going to be tough getting back into normal routine after the summer, for the kids and the adults ! I don’t use TikTok at all but I know the kids do. Maybe I should have a look !

    1. She is really cheeky, but she can be good too. Hopefully N gets on ok with his training lessons with her!

  11. That is a fantastic photo of the calves. It sounds like you and N have both had a really good week. The bird rescue sounded a bit dramatic. I wouldn’t like to have birds flying into the house! I had to laugh at N being pleased he wouldn’t have to go to the National Trust with you!

  12. I love watching TikTok videos but haven’t been brave enough to make any myself.
    I’m glad all is going well with N and his school work.
    The puppy sounds like a bit of a character. hehehe
    Those calves are gorgeous and look very inquisitive x

    1. Yes, mine are very normal and not silly. I hate making a fool of myself, so putting something online that looks stupid isn’t my thing. I do struggle knowing what to post, but love all the tips on there.

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