3--pbs picture books week 5

300 Picture book challenge – week 5

So it’s week 5 of the picture book challenge, and we’re still going strong.  I can’t believe someone’s already managed to hit 300 after only 1 month, but we’re definitely well on target, if we can keep getting hold of new books.  We’ve had a couple of books sent to review this month, one from Parragon Books, the other from Top Hat (review still to come), the rest have been mostly digging old ones from the bottom of shelves.

We had a week off library books last week as N wasn’t really up for trying any new ones, but then Saturday he wanted to go back there as we were going into town.  We walked in and he immediately saw a little boy from his nursery and told me his name so he got quite excited about that.  The other boy obviously recognised N too, but neither would say hello to the other.  Hopefully N will get better at talking to people when he sees them, he just goes really shy which is totally against his usual chatterbox nature!

Anyway, here’re the books we read this month.

3--pbs picture books week 5

  • Books read (week 5) –  13
  • Books read total –  74/300 (24.6%)

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300 picture books

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  1. Lots of lovely books again 🙂 I utterly adore Mog the Forgetful cat, but also I didn’t know there were other Benjamin books. I found Benjamin Bounces Back in a charity shop in the same version I had as a child (so I had to buy it) but have never seen them anywhere else 🙂

    1. I’ve never seen the Benjamin books before. I thought it was a bit odd, but N liked it. And it’s weird because we love The Tiger who came to tea, but I struggle with Mog. I don’t find it flows as well. Maybe we need to try other Mog books.

  2. We have Paddington & Tiddler, and have read Mog, but none of the others. We’ll be off to the library tomorrow to boost our reads this week, though we’ve still quite a few at home we’ve not read yet. Need to rotate bookshelves to get us reading different ones again!

    1. I need to hide N’s favourites, as he always shouts if he wants to read those and then won’t entertain any others. If they’re not available I might get to read some new books (although we’ll probably end up with more yelling and crying!). The library and charity shops are very handy for new books.

  3. Ohhhh Paddington! My girls are missing out on him – this linky/challenge is not benefiting my bank balance!

    1. I know what you mean. I keep drifting into Waterstones, and then trying to leave without buying anything. Paddington is a favourite from my childhood- I had a signed book, but no idea where it is. I guess car boot season will be a good source of books once that comes round again. Our charity shops here don’t have much in.

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