Chewing gum

We were never allowed chewing gum as children (I once got caught out, don’t think my mum believed me at all!), but I quite like it now.  I reckon it really helps keep your teeth clean, but I’m quite picky about the type I like as I prefer the tab pieces like Trident (force of habit after previously working at the manufacturer when it was launches) rather than the little pellets.  I mostly have it while I’m at work, but generally have some in my handbag.

Only, N keeps wandering out to the hall and pulling everything out of my bag…including the gum.

I have the fruity flavour gum which doesn’t help, but I found him this morning sitting amongst wrappers and chewing.  Thankfully, grabbing his chin and saying ‘spit it out’ worked and nothing was swallowed.  Nightmare.

I think he just like the fruity flavour, but it’s hard to know where I’m meant to keep it as he gets into drawers and cupboards, and handbags even if zipped up.  Maybe I’m just going to have to get myself a little lockable/screw up container for all the little things in my bag I don’t want to be lost or eaten.

He’s terrible when it comes to food.  He’ll root it out anywhere, and generally going into my bag means he’s looking for any snacks that are in there that either I’ve not thrown out or he’s not finished.  I put his snacks in a clip box on top of the work-surface.  He can get to it on a chair, but would rather aim for the fruit or chocolate that’s in the same place.

Have your children had any bag’scapades?

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