coloured trousers on holiday

Colourful clothes for boys

While I’m quite a conservative dresser myself (navies and purples make up a large part of my wardrobe), I do like to see N in brights.

Not wacky but colourful clothes, something that pops colour, rather than just jeans and blue all the time.  When I see his clothes on the clothes horse, it does look like a lot of blue (ie does go with so much and there’s so much of it available), but I try and have either tops or bottoms a bit brighter.

We love his orange coat which miraculously still fits this year, but to brighten things up when he’s in his khaki winter coat, coloured trousers are the way to go.

When I was packing for holiday, I made sure I looked out all of his coloured trousers with the aim of having a different colour for each day we were there.  Of course, doing that does prove harder to mix and match clothes on the top half.

coloured trousers on holiday

Ok, so looking at the picture, they didn’t look that bright…I’ve spotted some brilliant ones for summer, although he’ll mostly be in shorts. But a little bit of colour makes him look a bit different, and helps me be able to spot him when he’s got a darker coat on.

Picture 1: green trousers and stripy pullover ‘fleece’ top – Frugi
Picture 2: blue chinos, stripy blue and red hoody – Tu at Sainsbury’s, stripy polo shirt – Gap
Picture 3: burgundy trousers – Tu at Sainsbury’s
Picture 4: jeans (not sure), bright turquoise car jumper – Autography at M&S

I am relieved that so far N is still pretty happy that he’ll wear whatever I put out for him.  Occasionally he decides on a different pair of pants or t shirt, but mostly it’s easy.  The biggest moan might be which shoes he wants to wear…at the moment it’s his new blue summer sandals but I have to persuade him that at the moment, shoes are still needed.

What colours do your children tend to wear?

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  1. I love the colours!! I’m definitely guilty of sticking to dark jeans for Sam. In my defence, he does wear a neon orange jacket all the time haha!! #TT_Thursday

    1. It’s what’s easy to find. I like chinos and N prefers softer trousers, so cords and chinos are great for colours. Hopefully they’ll continue as he grows

  2. They are all fab outfits, and really suit him too. I’m also like you with that I don’t tend to wear bright colours as they don’t suit me but I have brought some pink and green tshirts for this summer… I shall look bright! #TT_Thursday

    1. I do now do patterns in the summer on the top half. Bottom half sticks in jeans or chinos. I don’t have the legs for skirts or shorts.

  3. Little Man tends to wear a lot of blue, green, brown… But LP wears such bright colours. They suit their personalities though I think x

    1. It’s funny because I always though – yep, kids can wear any colour. But it’s true that certain colours do suit different children, even without taking their colouring into account.

      We do still have a lot of blue here…across the whole family really.

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