Cousin adoration

We’re very lucky in that our immediate family on both sides are within 7 miles distance of us, and OH’s family are within a mile or so.  It means N regularly sees both his grandparents and his aunts, uncles and cousins.  With 6 cousins (5 boys, 1 girl), it means big family meals can get a bit chaotic and wild.

N loves his cousins.  The eldest one we asked to be one of his godparents, but they all look after him really well.  Two days a week he goes to my sister-in-law’s instead of nursery, and has a great time playing with his 3 year old cousin.  I’d love to know what they spend their time ‘chatting’ about when they’re playing.  I expect the older one likes telling N what to do, and N will love playing with all the older toys.  Lots of tractors to play with and older children’s toys.

This morning he was in the bathroom with me, and his dad came back from breakfast to say hi, but surprised him by bringing two of his cousins with him as they’d stayed over a the farm.  The squeal of surprise and pleasure when he spotted them was great.  Then of course he just wanted to run round with them and not get dressed, but it’s lovely that he’s able to see them so frequently.

Then this evening there was a family meal at the other cousins’ house.  He’s been a bit grouchy the last few days and off most of his food (apart from yoghurt, breakfast, pudding and fruit!), but if his cousins are around, he perks up and is happy to pad around after them.  Bonus today was they’d got their farm sets out on show to play with so he was happy to sit with them and play.

Hopefully as he gets older, he’ll not be too young for the youngest to play with. It’d be great if he was as good friends as the middle cousins are.

N (front) playing with dad and two of his cousins – Good old Britains farm toys


Being taken over to the farm for afternoon breaktime

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  1. its lovely when families get together often and are close 🙂 love the photos the farm set looks great and that pic of the older cousin and nathaniel is gorgeous

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